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One year already!


Strange but true. A whole year has passed and our little ones are or will be one year old.

What are you planning to do, what are your celebrations? What are you getting for a birthday?


  • reply - 1: Smaller with us, only family. A Schwiegis donate a tricycle, we have a game tunnel, they will not get more from us, the rest of the family is a surprise. I want to make a cake and we want to barbecue.
  • reply - 2: Yes blatant or?

    We will probably celebrate 2x. Once with family and once with Lion's friends - so children with whom we meet regularly are the same age. That's only about 4-5 children.
    We give him a bobbycar. From uromas u. Uropas, omas u. We would like granddad things he needs or something we would otherwise buy ourselves as z.b. Tightrope, small backpack, jausenboxerl ...

    really planned or considered i have nothing concrete - just that i bake cake myself for my frog !!

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