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Hello my dears,
have not found a thread where the topic appears. I am desperate. My son is a Speikind. Does anyone happen to have the same "problem"?
After each breastfeeding at least one hankerchief is spit again afterwards. At the moment, it's the worst thing. He vomits and the milk comes out through his mouth and nose. At night, it always sounds like it has a cold and hardly any air at all.
Many tips from the Internet bring nothing. Bäuerchen we always do, mattress while sleeping upside down .. when I put him in the stretcher, he spits us both fully. I would love to wear, but I lost my appetite.
Meanwhile the lütte is 6 1/2 weeks old. Now and then you read that the spit is better from the food, but some also say that it can take up to a year and longer. I'm so frustrated. Does anyone have any tips? Can you do anything homeopathic? We go to the osteopath, but after the first visit was worse. We have 2 dates left.
Please give me tips. Who it's also so? 


  • reply - 1: Our little one was also a Speikind and it only got better when she got Chamomilla D6 Globulis and Sab Simplex. She had flatus that was not strong - she had no abdominal pain, but the pressure in the intestinal area was enough that the stomach did not lower the food but pushed it up.
    If your child continues to grow well, it should be okay. Incidentally, ours suddenly stopped after the 7th week, after she had a boost. Now she still spits a bit, but only minimally.

    Good luck with the fix and get well soon!

  • reply - 2: Thanks for the tips. I'll try that with the simplex. But why Chamomilla? Do you take that with flatulence? I always read Nux vomica because of the spit.
  • reply - 3: Flatulence, constipation and when the child comes to rest. I have not heard Nux Vomica yet.
  • reply - 4: I also have a copy at home. She also has nasty bloating and cries a lot. What we do: sab simplex, bigaia, tummy ointment and homeopathic suppositories. soon wanted to give fennel tea. The spitting is a bit better with us since I wear it less. She often wants to breast, although she can not be hungry. Since I've broadened the gaps on the advice of the doctor, she spits less. What also helps is to store the baby after drinking on the left side, then the stomach exit is down and the milk is not so easy to get out again. But ideally it does not work for us ... yesterday was bad: just screaming, want to the chest and spit afterwards and then the whole again from the front without a real sleep break. Luckily much better today!
  • reply - 5: I also have a little lama in my arms here.
    Since she is in the second thrust, it is a bit worse than usual. Have already tried a lot. Sab simplex, upper body high, left side ... nothing helps. However, despite everything, it is growing very well. That's why I still see it relaxed. It is not always. At night it works, for example completely without spitting.
    But will also make an appointment with the osteopath and address it at the u4.
  • reply - 6: Our mouse spits again and again since I no longer quiet. Have already tried everything (hochlagerm, Sab simplex, anti reflux food ect.) Nothing really helps. But it is increasing well. It just annoys us all pretty much.
    Us because we have to move her up to 6 times a day (which she now basically wears a triangle scarf, then at least a lot of things hang) and above all she because she regularly gets hiccough from it and of course it does not taste because of the gastric juice comes up. She always grimaces in the face and cries partially. Unfortunately, she spits not only after eating, but again and again. Partly it is only transparent  
    Although she does not spit in the torrent but always again.
    Next week we have an appointment with the osteopath. I hope he can help us a bit.
  • reply - 7: I've got Sab Simplex now and magnesium phosphoricum D12 and I'll start doing it tomorrow. I am also annoyed animal and he is so sorry. Especially when he has hiccups, the milk really runs out without end up again. We have such a bib, which holds a lot, but it is not that nice. 
  • reply - 8: Have exactly the same problem except at night, strangely she spits as well as never, but makes no peasant, because she slumbers right away on my shoulder if she makes a rießen peasant during the day immediately comes after a big load with high and then crying bitterly :( I find myself every time bad cry your little even if they spit? I can on the one hand, yes, who understand But she cries then so bad, that hurts in the soul.Was also already at the doctor and said as long as she increases we have to live with it and crying is also normal .... Well, it's still not nice
  • reply - 9: Yes, ours always cries bitterly when she vomits a whole barrage think the little ones are scared of it also partly, because certainly also for a short time the breathing is obstructed.
    It's just awful to see
  • reply - 10: At night, they supposedly do not drink so hastily, which is why so much air is not pure.
    Today I told my midwife that I will give Sab simplex and hope that it will improve. Then she just said, "Nope!" Great. Very motivating. But how often do you do that?

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