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Do you know the moment when ...


... you finally want to buy something nice again, but in the end bring only children's things home with you?


  • reply - 1: ... you look at your sleeping baby and would like to wake it up and cuddle it?
  • reply - 2: ..and can only cry from love ... 
  • reply - 3: ooooohja :)
  • reply - 4: ... if you think your baby is sleeping very deep and you can take a quick shower and it wakes up when you want to step into the shower ...
  • reply - 5: .... you have to pee but your baby sleeps so nicely in the cart that you do not want to wake it up to walk. Ergo you oppress;)
  • reply - 6: If you realize that you will never have the apartment as clean as before and instead of deco everywhere children things are
  • reply - 7: ... felt you had to pull up your child's socks a thousand times?
  • reply - 8: ... you want to make it very quiet because she has finally fallen asleep and then you fall down a bit clattering. ...
  • reply - 9: ... you sing to your child, she smiles and looks at you all the time.
  • reply - 10: .... you have just washed and dried your baby and he / she then pissed off from top to bottom ..

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