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Oracle - your experiences?


Hey you love.
I'm new here and a bit disoriented.
So we are currently in 3ÜZ. I am now at ES + 10.
Yes, I know, oracle has its opponents and lovers. I just have fun and now wanted to hear your opinion. The picture speaks for itself. The asterisks mean certain activities
I oracle for all 3 cycles. Until now it was always the case that from ES + 3 the ovules were completely white. This time it looks different. I always used the one step. They were empty now, now I am with the David. Always 10s.
Symptoms ... Hm since ES + 6 Again and again pull and stab in the UL. For 2 days I lie flat with a juicy cold. Otherwise nada.
What do you all mean? Would be glad about your feedback and maybe you can wait together. ☺️


  • reply - 1: Reposition the pictures one by one. Believe it does not look so good upstairs
  • reply - 2: I hope you see the sharper.
  • reply - 3: Hi ...
    Do not know me while orakeln from, but think that it could make a sstest + 10schon.
    Your oracle looks exciting. Can understand that you do that.
    TOI Toi Toi
  • reply - 4: Yes, ES + 10 had made an SST. He was unfortunately negative.Oracle today (ES + 11) looks the same as yesterday. Hm, probably the next 3 days still have to hold off the air .... This waiting makes a kirre ...
  • reply - 5: You can start with the oracles at + 10. Before it just wavers quite nice. And a negative pregnancy test at this time is not meaningful
  • reply - 6: Gigahasi
    Yes exactly. It just became so routine.  
    That's why I did not even think big when yesterday's test was negative. Crazy how incredibly curious a woman can be. Today I have more pulling in the abdomen and heartburn. Hope these are not the mens ... Well on the weekend I know more
  • reply - 7: Oh. I think you can also be crazy about this topic.
    Unfortunately, the wait is always the worst
  • reply - 8: You're right. It's not like there's nothing going on ... Others get kids on the "flowing band" (a bit exaggerated) and we need to be patient ...
  • reply - 9: Mandarin, I do not want to be wise, but the day of the positive ovu means that the ovulation comes 12-36 hrs after that, so your negative sst would be at + 9, there is still nothing lost, i have duesen cycle from + 8 tested and positive it was only + 13. unfortunately did not go out well, but I also felt due to single-star at +8/9 (pain nausea ..). With that I want to say, if you date back one day and let the oak time with the implantation, nothing is lost yet :-)
  • reply - 10: Hello Mandarin. I think we are equal. Had Saturday Nmt. Have also tested negative this afternoon. I would be glad, if you keep us informed about further results ... will of course put my news in as well. best regards

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