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Physical changes in pregnancy and after


With pregnancy, our body changes from week to week, first the hormonal changes, then more and more the physical ..
It's not just the tummy that grows, but also the breasts, hips, etc.
Everything gets softer and there are other things that you might not expect, such as pigment spots, etc.
Here you can write everything you observe and exchange yourself, what it does to you and tips on how to handle it 


  • reply - 1: Then I'll start.
    I get more and more sad when I look in the mirror. Of course, my stomach grows and thrives, which is very nice. Unfortunately, the waist grows and thrives (almost no longer available) the hip and the popo as well ....  
    I have already gained 10 kg and that in the 10 ssw.

    I know that already from my previous pregnancies and know that after pregnancy (each time up to 25 kg more) I have to fight again for up to 2 years to get rid of the extra pounds. Even the stomach has not recovered since the first pregnancy.

    But I do not want to complain, I knew it before and I'm really looking forward to our little Muckelchen and take it in purchase what the pregnancy so everything brings. 

  • reply - 2: I noticed that my nipples are somehow different. Not the way you read it everywhere (bigger and darker), no different somehow. That looked yesterday, for example out as if there were so secretion. Today I have looked again and it is gone. Mysterious....
  • reply - 3: I am in the 11th Week, have not yet gained a gram Libra and still feel like a barrel, shirts pinch wg bloat and jeans are too tight on the leg .. lt is my mother even my face round rounder I always thought you will get fat later
    That bothers me at the moment ..... before week 13 but I do not want to buy new clothes
  • reply - 4: My Brewery-GAul-A ... sch is also just getting wider ... where does he want to go ???
    Also in the face I look supposedly so rosy and refreshed (If you omit the dark circles and the fat pimple directly under the nose)
    My ninnies are much firmer and bigger, but also really sensitive. Wartshot is much darker than usual and the nipples can not be hidden anymore (unless I put in nursing pads;)) And even my super-comfy-bustiers from shipping the modern age Pinch HAUSfrau ... I must urgently order new ones; (
    Underpants even just pinch ....
    BAuchi is actually back. At the beginning it was mega bloated, but down below he is getting stronger :)
  • reply - 5: I got a very wide pelvis. : X
  • reply - 6: I've had too much panic in the last few seconds about the physical changes! I had gained an impressive 30 kg. But looked after a very short time great again, was barely cracked. So girls who are pregnant for the first time, do not stress!
  • reply - 7: There was the little 3 months old
  • reply - 8: wow! and how pretty :)
  • reply - 9: How did you do that? Have you breastfed?
  • reply - 10: Wow! I envy you! You really have the perfect predisposition!

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