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Slimming instead of increasing


I'm exactly 11 + 0 now
I am only 153 cm tall and have already lost almost 4 kg. Cradle degree under 45kg.
Should not a little bit of weight be added?
I'm just not so appetite and can not eat so much at the moment.
I'm glad when I eat and eat whatever I want. Of course no no-go things. ;-)


  • reply - 1: I feel the same way. Am in the 10th Week, the weekend was now pretty cold and have not eaten so much and weigh less today than before the ss. 52.4 at 1.66. :-(
  • reply - 2: Oh yes, I have 5kg down :) am in the 12week.aber I'm just right, have too much anyway ... :)
  • reply - 3: I'm fine too. I eat something and then I'm full again. I'm just eating so Kinderportion;) And early, I get nothing at all. But I know that from my first ss. Since I've lost synonymous first and then had my starting weight in the 5th Month back on it. That's why I'm completely relaxed.
  • reply - 4: Have also lost in 1.5 weeks 4kg. But now only 8 + 1 ssw :(
    Know that from my first pregnancy too good because I'm with 59kg in the ss and had in between only 45kg lay in the khs because of malnutrition am 1.70 m tall.
    This time it will probably not lead to underweight because I have one more on it than then. I started now with 79kg and am today at 75kg let's see how it develops.
  • reply - 5: Oh my goodness, 45 kg at 1.70 is violent! Here we are really moaning at a high level!
  • reply - 6: Oh I can understand that and do not see it as whining :)
    But that was really hard on me at that time has nothing left. Even to the bathroom, I did not manage it myself because I was just too weak. But my junior was fine who took everything away from me;)
    I keep our fingers crossed that we are getting better soon!
  • reply - 7: Hello :) I have also lost;) but my doctor says that's quite normal :)
  • reply - 8: I have only lost so far. But I still have enough overweight so who needs a few more kilos I can still give. ;-) my fa meant with me gets the little gets enough from. But it will become more again
  • reply - 9: I feel that way too. 3 kg are gone since last precaution 4 weeks ago. Due to stress I eat at the moment hardly anything. Just bring nothing in. But my doctor calmed me down today. The crumb will get what it needs.
  • reply - 10: If I read that, then I'm really reassured. Many Thanks.
    It's really unbelievable how the body can manage everything that at least the baby is fine. That's the most important to me.
    Later I may be happy that I did not increase from the beginning ;-)

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