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Who is going to work again?


Hello! Want to ask the round who is working from you again and how many hours?
Actually, I have 40 hours in February 2015 but from the autumn I can do 20 hours for a year and then full time! What would you do? Johannes is still small but my mom would take care of the time. Would be glad about your reports!


  • reply - 1: So for me, the work is still not ready,
    but i would first do the part time and then the full time ....
    Of course, only if it financially and based on the care

    do not know how long you are with your company and weiviele have many employees, but vll you also have the right to parental leave ... then you would have a protected service

  • reply - 2: I go back to work since May. For 19 hours a week. That's about 2 days a week for me. We have flexible working hours and do the service plan ourselves.

    Was John often at the grandma's house? How are you and you? I would not want to work full jz. I do not believe later either.

  • reply - 3: Hello,
    So I'm going back to work from December for 25 hours. Amirella is then for 15 hours in the toddler group or company kindergarten. The rest she is with the grandma or the daddy. I'm very curious how it all will be. Especially how she will go in the toddler group. But I am already looking forward to the work.
    VZ I would not go to work now. If it suits you financially then I would start with the 20 hrs. lg
  • reply - 4: Hello!
    So now I have been working since October and I have to say it works great! John has no problem with that. I work a whole and two half! How's your "big guy"?
  • reply - 5: Hello! I'm going since january 19 where Julia was working 20 months again! It is totally different as long as I work and on which days! I work 20 hours a week! From Monday to Tuesday I had my first night service from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm! Then I have to work the week from 7 o'clock to 19 o'clock on Saturday! If there are a few more hours in one week, it will be under 20 again next week! I just can not have 24 hours a week! It is important that it is not more hours at the end of the month! Watching my mom do when I work! Since Julia is so good at sleeping we sleep at night with my parents so that Julia is not disturbed while sleeping!

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