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--Pregnancy trolls - ask for feedback


Now the time has come and we start the second round of the Pregnancy Sprits. Before I get to the further instructions, one in advance: all personal notifications will be made in the future via our personal e-mail addresses, as it did not work so well in the first round with the notifications about the babycenter. In addition my address: [email protected]
now to manual:
1) All those who want to join write here in the thread a little bit about themselves, and their family. It can also make it easier for the future gnome, by suggesting topics you would be happy about, such as "time for Mom's relaxation", "something nice to play for my baby", etc.. Also important it could be short Write what I do not want, not contracted, etc. Thus, bad purchases can be excluded.
2) Connecting you send me to my mail address your name (real AND nickname), your address AND your email address. Without these data I can not consider you at the Wichtel unfortunately.
3) At a certain time I will set a recording stop. Shortly thereafter, I will give you all the cover letters and you tell your zu-bewichtendede person. In the thread you can search for this and read what this has written about itself. Then you buy a gift worth 10-15 €. The postage is added. This gift should be nicely packaged, not necessarily the outer carton, but please the contents. And a personal greeting you would certainly be happy.
4) If you have any problems with your to-be-judged person, your received gift, or other things, I would ask you not to address this publicly in the thread, but to send me a message with your problem!
5) In this round, the countries Germany, Switzerland, Austria will stay with each other, which means that there will be no excessive postage for anyone.

More information will follow later, but for the moment this guide should fit.

Happy elves!   


  • reply - 1: Yes, I'm back  

    So my name is Pia, I will be 24 years old on 17.11 I have a son who is 3 years old.
    Am now in the 21.ssw and most likely it will be a girl :)
    I would be happy about something pretty homemade. Or just something for the baby.
    Pink is not my color. Pink and all other girl colors I like.
    I myself am a singer of a band and love to go to the bath in the evening;)
    I can not think of that anymore 

  • reply - 2: Great the next round starts, then I'll start immediately. My name is Nicole and I'm 36 years old. Have a 13 year old boy and now expect a girl. I would be huge about something to play for the little one I love everything that is made of wood. About creams or the like, I am less pleased because I can only use certain things because of my sensitive skin. I think now I've told enough. I am looking forward to the next round.
  • reply - 3: Well, hello,
    I'll join in this time, too.
    I'm Susi, 28 years old.
    I'm already a mom of a 4 year old prince.
    Live most of the time alone with a child and 3 cats, as the dad is on the move worldwide.
    We expect a little tender girl!
    I love pink and everything is just girl but I do not like kitsch at all (pink, glitter and the like)
    I do not need creams because I only use special things  
    So I think that's enough.

  • reply - 4: Then I'll do this round :) I'm 28, married and the first time pregnant with a boy. Creams etc are not for me because I react allergic ...
    We like to be out and about, so everything the baby keeps warm is welcome. And I love everything where a panda is on it 
  • reply - 5: I'm doing this round too, I've been annoyed last time;)
    My name is Kim, I'm 30 years old and now I'm getting our second child;) my son's name is Sam and he's 16 months old.
    Now it looks a lot like a girl out Tuesday I know it 100%;)
    Would be very happy about something nice for the stroller but in principle I'm happy about everything;)

  • reply - 6: I'm really looking forward to the next round So of course I'm back from the party.

    I am Monique, now 26 years old and already have a 13 month old daughter, who hears the beautiful name Lea Marie.
    We expect our little prince, who will be called Fynn Erik, at the end of March.
    My free time is spent with my daughter outside and most of our time with our horse.

    A pleasure you can do us with care products, chocolate or sweets as well as candles or deco. Of course, we are also happy about something for the little prince or something homemade / tinkered. Everything is open for you because we love to be surprised.

    On a beautiful 2nd Wichtelrunde  

  • reply - 7: I would like too ...

    I'm Frauke and already 35 (although I can not believe that myself). I live with husband, child and dog in a cottage in a rather rural area. Our big boy is already 6 years old in January, schooling in the summer and because it fits very well, we expect another boy in March (how practically the KiWa is blue) ...
    ... No, that was a lie, today's enemy diagnostics clearly showed a girl   As of 11.11.2015
    (For clothes I like classic blue, I do not like green, I still have everything from Erik.)
    Klamottentechnisch I have nothing for a girl and I think I do not like pink.
    I love to lie in the tub with a glass of dry red wine (yes not right now) to relax while reading.
    I love girls afternoons / evenings, spontaneous barbecues in the garden and always people around me.
    I am totally nibbled to always have fun. Just right Frauke.

  • reply - 8: I am Sonja 20 years old and the first time pregnant. In March, our prince is born I would be glad about what to wear or to play for the little about tea, I would not be so happy because I can not tolerate many. But otherwise I'm happy about everything 
  • reply - 9: I would like to join this time as well !!!  

    I am Anke, 37 years old, but was just today at the midwife meeting again at the end of 20 estimated ...
    I am an educator and married for 1 year.
    We get our first child and it becomes a girl.
    The date of birth is 13.3., So today is 21 + 5.
    I do not like bright pink, more vivid colors or old pink. Have also brought a lot of neutral clothes, so that small colored accents would fit well ...
    Sweet things just would not be my thing (heartburn).
    Oh, and I do not like reading so no books.

  • reply - 10: I'm happy to be there again :)

    My name is Carla and I'm 25 years old!
    Have a big daughter almost 5 years and a son 2 years
    Am now in the 23 Ssw and we expect 75% of a girl :)
    We like spending our time outside or with our Jack Russel Pünktchen :)
    I love white chocolate with crips and also Christmas fragrance oils

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