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Hibbling after miscarriage?


Had a natural finish in the 12th ssw 2 weeks ago
Was a hard time but through discussions with some who had to experience that already I could understand it very quickly and also realize that it is just the course of nature.

A few days ago, I called a doctor from the nursing home if I could go swimming and she said without me asking for it, we can also continue to tinker and do not have to wait - if we feel so ready .. Was very surprised and my partner is apparently not averse to continue without contraception ...

What are your experiences?
How long have you been advised to wait?
How long did it take to get the mens back?
When did you get pregnant again?




  • reply - 1: Hello Anita,

    I am very similar and I was told I could start again right now, possibly wait for the first rule, which can not be seen so far anyway and I still have the aftermath of my demolition 10 days ago (spotting).

    I myself am also very curious but currently I do not feel ready to have GV again physically, but I want to start tinkering as soon as possible. Swimming, I think so from 2 weeks was not the speech ....

  • reply - 2:

    I did not have any bleeding or any other problems and the doctor said with these swimming tampons it should not be a problem because of course everything went off and I had no curettage.

    So if I think of my cycle was always zw 35-44 days long, I really do not have to wait until the rule comes .. and I wish that it works again without help ... otherwise my big will remain an only child ,

    My friend says I should let me decently investigate if everything is really ok (long history - possibly endometriosis) and then he would agree to tinker again ...

    Feel yourself ... it gets easier! In retrospect, there were many signs that it still does not fit ... it was also so illogical that I had a 28 day cycle I've never had in life ... it was not the right time yet and now we have an asterisk that hopefully send us a healthy sibling ... when the time is right!  

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