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Pulling, pressing and cramping in the abdomen


Hi everyone :-)

As already written above, I have the day over again pull and squeeze in the abdomen. It feels like I'm getting my period.
Am now in the 6th ssw doctor said last Wednesday everything fits. Unfortunately, he is not talkative :-( Now I know no values ​​of hcg or anything else: - / my next appointment is only on 13.
had an fg last year in march and pco now pestering me constantly ;-(


  • reply - 1: Hi Knessa! I had a FG in February and I know that feeling! I'm in the 8th week and I pulls and pushes it properly and in addition to this is nausea but my gynecologist has confirmed that it is normal and stretch the ligaments. The place for the little dwarf is! So always think positive!
  • reply - 2: I still have that. In the 16th ssw. Believe me this is completely normal. Everything's o.k. Enjoy the pregnancy
  • reply - 3: hello together :)

    I am reassured when I read that I am not the only one who is so!
    I also had a Fg in 2009 and I'm worried about it. My gynecologist also told me that this is normal, because now the uterus expands. I am now in the 8 ssw and also try to think positively, so as not to be put under stress by negative thoughts. I would like you to be fine too :)

  • reply - 4: Melinda when do you have your next ultrasound appointment?
  • reply - 5: Melina of course ... Sorry
  • reply - 6: I have the only on 26.8.
    Is not it normal every 2 weeks in the early stages than every 4 weeks? :-/ How is it with you?
  • reply - 7: Yes I have every 2 weeks but I think also because of the FG in February! I have an appointment again on Monday! May not work anymore I have a job ban!
  • reply - 8: Yes, it's the same with me, I'm not allowed to work anymore. Would prefer to go every 2 weeks ...: - / I change anyway to my old gynecologist, let's see what she says. I had to change by moving, but of course I like to ride a piece for my baby :))
  • reply - 9: Yes, I believe you! I would do that too! Are you also bothered by nausea?
  • reply - 10: No thankfully not: D seldom, if I have not eaten and hungry yet, then I feel slightly sick

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