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Sibling name to Emily



we are looking for a sibling name (girl) that fits Emily .... preferably with "A" does not have to be .... We thought about Amelie (Marie) ...

What do you all mean? Would be glad about suggestions :)

Achso short and meaningful should be the name :)


  • reply - 1: Alina
  • reply - 2: We also have ne Emily, her sister should be called Allison or Abbygail - are also English given names
  • reply - 3: Amelie would be too similar to me. But maybe you want that.
  • reply - 4: Hi Baros,

    The names are beautiful but we get a girl you have ET on 08.10.13 how cool my is on 13.10.13 .....

    The other names are really nice but unfortunately failed with my husband ...

  • reply - 5: Those were not intended as suggestions :-) Are you in October BabyClub? I can only recommend!
  • reply - 6: Avery. Old English / French - "Elf"
  • reply - 7: Anna, Annalena, Lina Agnes, Lea, Lisa, Agatha, Ylvie maybe?

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