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Physically in the end, just 2 weeks before ET.


Hello my dears!

Am now at 37 + 4 and completely at the end :(
I have had water in my legs for 1 week, every step hurts completely. Pain and pulling in the groin and thighs as if I had a strong muscle soreness on a killer.
More than 2 hoursSleeping in one piece is not going on for weeks, I'm totally tired and it pisses me already soooo!
Constantly annoying strong discharge (since yesterday gaaaaasnz bad) and as if that was not enough, I have since yesterday also quite severe pain in the lungs when breathing and gray-black mucus when coughing.
I'm already extremely worried about whether I could physically endure a normal birth - especially with the pain in breathing? Should I go to the hospital for that? What do you all mean?

I'm sorry, but I had to puke me off now: (I'm sorry for my husband, because he has to hear it daily from me gggg

Best regards, Daniela


  • reply - 1: Oh dear! Sounds very difficult!
    What does your FA say about water retention? Would stockings help maybe?
    If something happens when coughing, I would have a look at it. You are determined much by the edema, right? Ned that you get a no pneumonia then. That really can not be used now!
    And then the doctors can look at the discharge

    Wish you soon a speedy recovery! Let me hear something from you again

  • reply - 2:

    Pain in the lungs and gray-black sputum when coughing - I would definitely check that out

    Get well

  • reply - 3: I also think you should go to the doctor, does not sound good. Against the water retention you could try a shuttle bath for the feet hot / cold.
    Hope you feel better soon and you get more sleep and air.
  • reply - 4: Thanks for your quick answers!
    I had my last FA appointment in the 35ssw and that was the last one before the birth. Since then, it has only been possible to have an examination at the hospital. (I also thought it was very funny!)
    I'm mainly only lying on a week because I feel every step that my baby would flip out :(
    When my husband comes home today, we drive to the hospital .. I'm really worried.

    Thank you for your better wishes!

  • reply - 5: Hey Sweedy I hope those in the KH can help you. There are also acupuncture points against excessive water retention.
    Keep your fingers crossed that you can spend the last few weeks without pain and problems. ;)
  • reply - 6: Omg !!! So that sounds like there lung more like bad! Off to the hospital with you my dear!
  • reply - 7: Well, I was still in the hospital in the evening and I was only prescribed a homeopathic cough syrup, and mexalen in severe pain .. I should inhale with salt water and hang up the wet laundry in the bedroom because of the humidity.
    Let's see if it works :)
    Is just very laborious so short before the ET still having to deal with such problems .. :(
  • reply - 8: Oh man I know exactly how you are! I have exactly the same problems except the mucus on coughing.

    Introduction was not an option for the doctors in the kh?

  • reply - 9: Dexlila, wish you a speedy recovery! Now we are suffering together :-(
    Introduction was not even an issue for the doctors .. You are regarded as the worst person ever and it is every day so important that the baby is in the womb. So I have to wait until nature goes its way: ((
  • reply - 10: Tonight the horror was real! It pulled and stung in the vagina, it was very painful! Now it still pulls, but net sooo bad. I have a headache today too ...

    With me on ET - also 24.02.2014 - because ss diabetes is initiated, so it's an end in sight, but if I imagine that this is still going on for two weeks, then I can cry the same.

    I do not know if it could help with something like that, but actually it makes me want to make exactly garnix. Lie back now anyway. Good that we get no visit tonight, maybe that distracts me.

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