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Stroller or sling?



We do not really want a stroller, because wearing has so many advantages over the stroller.
Does anyone have experience with it?
Or to those who become mommy for the first time, how do you want to do it?

We have considered, first only tragetüchter to buy and a car shell and only if necessary to buy a stroller.

Many greetings
Joana :)


  • reply - 1: So we mainly used the diary for our son. He loved it. In addition, one has the hands free in the household to do something. However, we also had a stroller, which was then initially used by the grandparents.

    I'm really excited about the sling and will try it this time. also to use again (with twins probably a little more difficult but also feasible);)

    By the way, had an extra long cloth, because my husband is very tall. And he also found it great.

  • reply - 2: I think wear super too. Although first my first child but I had in the crib as an educator the very young children in the accustomed time much in the towel. Otherwise I would have come to nothing else.
    I bought a baby sling very early, was an ebay bargain. But still a stroller worried because the granny sure times with the / wants to be on the go. And that certainly does not come with a baby towel. In addition, there should be children who allegedly dislike it. Although I can not confirm from my experience but you never know.
  • reply - 3: I always liked to wear on short distances, for example on the way to the pediatrician.
    On longer trips or my stroll prefer the stroller. My husband was very happy to wear, definitely recommendable where you get through badly with kiwa.
    When shopping, at flea markets etc.
    But when walking in the forest, for example, the Kiwa was really pleasant.
  • reply - 4: Oh, that reminds me. Nearby there are two great children's shops, unfortunately with really salted prices, but they also do breastfeeding and wearing advice. Maybe this is similar with you in the area.
  • reply - 5: I was wearing exclusively, in his pram he was whole twice, he hated him! The second is also a baby, I have from cloth to bondolino, my tais, actually sling everything ... I'm also a trained support consultant! Happy when so many wear :-)
    And yes to go shopping and in the woods I would like to use the Kiwa more often ..
  • reply - 6: I also wanted to start practicing the knots in the near future, so that they sit reasonably well. I've been out of the crib for over a year and I've forgotten it completely. In addition, the babies are worn differently, or the cloth tied differently.
    I thought about getting a bondolino. My husband is also a crèche educator but desperate every time before the step by step instructions. Then maybe that would be easier.
  • reply - 7: We also thought about giving up the Kiwa completely, among other things because we have a staircase right in front of the house, which would always be a challenge for me.
    But I think so completely without a car it is nothing. Be it shopping or where, sometimes such a car has advantages, I think. Therefore we will buy one already.
    Since the towels look so complicated :) - can you actually take a day (manduca or so) for very small?
  • reply - 8: So I have a manduca and will use it immediately. There is indeed the Sitzverkleinerer. The Manduca is from 3,5 kg :)
    Incidentally, both, stroller and stretcher. She liked both :)
  • reply - 9: We have both and for later then manduca and bondolino :-)
    I love to wear, but for grandparents or even for us I would not like to renounce nen kiwa
  • reply - 10: Hey, I'm already mom, hope I can still get answers. At least I have a bit of experience ;-)

    We have both and that's good. I carried our crumbs a lot at the beginning, but for the summer I was just too warm personally and we were both sweaty wet. It was easier to push the baby into the Kiwa. Or when I was pimping I personally found the wearing very impractical. If you want to try on something you have to constantly fumble everything and where to go with the baby when you're alone? On the dirty floor ???
    On holiday, in turn, was just great top or in the museum at the Christmas market ect. I think the mix of the two is just perfect.

    Incidentally, we have a cloth and the Bondolino, there sat our mouse for the last time with 16-17 months in it, then was even run announced :-D

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