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Pregnancy mugs of the expectant fathers


No question: We love our men, but sometimes I can only shake my head. I think he has more pregnancy hormones in his blood than me. He asks me today in all seriousness, if I have already loaded the camera I am in the 26th Week. 2 months ago he wanted to buy a vaporiser. Do you have such men too?


  • reply - 1: I had a heated discussion on Tuesday with my why we only need a changing pad ... He wanted to be sure to buy two rather prefer: D
    Although we do not know yet whether we get a changing table, is now a requirement in our home, because without he would not leave the store absolutely: D
  • reply - 2: :) We also felt like 2 hours in the changing mat department.
  • reply - 3: We have two. One in children's room and one in the bathroom. That makes it more practical for us because the baby is on top of our floor and later on in us children's room ;-) but also because we both got totally cheap and one with a bath ;-)
  • reply - 4: My only annoyance is that he is constantly poking me in the stomach with my finger. Otherwise he is quite lethargic.
  • reply - 5: Although I'm not with the daddy of the little together anymore but we have contact and if we talk about what already exists for the small then he often says that I do not need something (sling, bassinet ...). It annoys me from time to time because if I mean I need that and find the practical or better for the
    In the first weeks it's my business. After all, she lives with me and not with him. somehow safer with bassinet for the first few weeks.

    But there is also something that I just found to be cute: D When I reported that I feel the little he asked like himself
    that feels and he also wants to remember and then he was full of concern "But if she is taller, does not it hurt when she steps?" the facial expression I should have photographed * laugh * that was totally funny and when he noticed the little one then a few weeks ago, he looked very confused and said "Strange ... like a short heartbeat that does not belong there. haha and whenever we want to see each other he feels ... so no matter how "weird" that's what he wants to remember 

  • reply - 6: My friend always wants to tell me what we need and what does not ... He is the money then always too bad ... That always brings me to the white heat ... And when I'm weary and tired and he asks what, I then tell him that it is the pregnancy, he always says I should not do so ... Sometimes I wish to exchange with him so he will realize that hormones are not a sugar licking ...
  • reply - 7: Basically 2 are not wrong, would like to have 2 "winding stations" only he was not concerned that he wanted a width (for on a changing table) and a narrow (which can be placed on a washing machine, for example), but so that was on one bear and on the other elephants and both were so beautiful: D
    But since the two were too wide and too soft for the washing machine, unfortunately he had to decide for one. Was a mad drama: D
    As far as the baby is concerned, he somehow does not know how to hold on and if I'm not careful, he can also chew on a furry blanket for 50 €. Actually, it is cute but in between, it is very exhausting.
  • reply - 8: So I can not complain! My husband is doing everything for his daughter and for me! He reads every wish from my eyes and leaves me almost nothing alone!
  • reply - 9: I'm actually similar.
    My darling is really anxious that we are missing two at nothing. Actually, sweet of him.
    But especially at the food he provides more than enough for us We have so many delicious things at home that I do not even know what to eat first. He means it's very nice, but I feed myself so the unnecessary kilos and the bad guy plagues me every day.
  • reply - 10: Huhu, so my husband is also super nice. If I cough only once, he'll take good care of you, not that you and our son are in a bad way. He is always there for me. But then sometimes he has moments where I could kick his ass. But he says openly and honestly that he will probably only realize everything when the little boy is there. :) and I accept that too.

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