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Hello you,

My daughter (11 weeks) was quickly diagnosed with a tear duct stenosis on her left eye after giving birth. After another two weeks, the right eye was also affected with pus and adhesions. I massage and give her currently antibiotic eye drops, unfortunately. Euphrasia did not help her. Now it looks a lot better. I just hope that it does not fester again as soon as I can settle the antibiotic drops. And I want to wait with piercing. I also visited the osteopath twice. Does anyone have experience of you? How long has your child been?


  • reply - 1: In our case it was often clogged at the beginning, so annoying if it's always sticky :(
    In the morning and in the evening I always had a drop of breast milk massaged into the affected eye and nose, and after 2 days it was always gone. Came 2-3 times, left on the right, but now we have no more problems, toi toi toi :)
  • reply - 2: Yes, that's annoying and I'm so sorry for the little girl! Even if I only touch her eye, she acts as if I wanted to kill her. Hope very much that it rises soon.
  • reply - 3: My had also since birth on the right eye a constipation, was always glued together habs made every day first without drips or otherwise, habs only massaged then brought nothing, then I had to grab the eye drops has also brought nothing or me could never drop in the eye inside.
    Now I've got eye ointment only 3 days used 3 times a day and for a week the eye has become better.
  • reply - 4: Hello
    We have no problems with that at the moment, but we have been fighting with the big one for 2 years.
    She also had a tearful eye from birth on and quickly everything stuck together and also purulent. Our ophthalmologist recommended pressure point massage, Euphrasia and much more. We even went to the naturopath but nothing helped. The ophthalmologist kept putting us off and came up with a new idea. At some point, however, was enough and we are with the support of the pediatrician (who could not understand the therapy plan synonymous) drove into a special eye practice and the doctor there has only shaken his head. Every therapy was in vain because the tear duct was completely closed and so she had to be operated on at the age of two. And that was hell. If we had reacted earlier we would have spared ourselves two years of fighting with the drops etc. So you better get a second or even third opinion if you feel it helps everything only temporarily or not at all.

    Sorry for the long text.

  • reply - 5: Mine also had a tearing and sticky to purulent eye. I washed out with boiled water and when it came back again and again I got away with black tea
  • reply - 6: Hello. Our ordeal is quite similar. My daughter was born with the sealed membrane, she had directly a bluish knob on the eye. After just 2 weeks, the eye started to fester and the bump became thicker. First, we treated with Euphrasia eye drops, which only led to an improvement for a short time. After a week we were at the pediatrician, this has us directly hospitalized. There, the knob was repeatedly emptied and she got an antibiotic juice, eye drops and ointment. The ophthalmologist recommended us to have the whole thing punctured under anesthesia as soon as possible. However, the drugs have helped and the bump is gone (toi toi toi). The membrane but still closed. Since then, I've been working intensively on the subject and read many positive testimonials on the treatment by an osteopath. I would always prefer this option to surgery. Should it still not help, there are in various hospitals or medical practices also an alternative to anesthesia, with the little ones are hugged for the short procedure. Excuse the long text .. I wish you all the best.
  • reply - 7: Emma has had that since she was one week old. Two weeks ago they tried to rinse the tear duct in the eye clinic. And that was terrible. In children under half a year, you do it there without anesthesia, because you can still fix the baby well by the handle. So we were in a treatment room where five people were present. We had to leave Emma and wait outside. Hell hell hell !!! She has roared .. so now my tears are coming. She must have been in pain and of course also shouted against clinging. Ten painful minutes later we were allowed in, my child looked like a Preisboxer. Completely swollen eye. And the doctor said only: Has unfortunately brought nothing, channel too narrow. In three months, we try again, if it does not then then great Op with general anesthesia and Trallala.Bis then massage eye drops and massage massaging. I do not know if I can do this procedure to my child again 
  • reply - 8: Oh weia, you poor :( Do you have any complaints yet?
    My little one also screamed every time the abscess was emptied. Dreadful!!!
  • reply - 9: She always has a glued eye, sometimes a little swollen and always a tear in the eye. I massage her several times a day. I really hope that the channel is still on its own.
  • reply - 10: We had the problem too, but the canal was only glued to us and after 4 weeks he got up in both eyes. But until then, everything was always stuck and purulent. I bought sterile NaCl solution for rinsing in small pipettes (actually intended for inhalation) so that the eyes could be rinsed out well. Since Euphrasia did not help with us, we then switched to the calendula eye drops from Wala, and they worked great.
    In addition, every day I have the corner of my eye right at the nose root a bit massaged to support the rising of the channels.

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