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  • reply - 1: @cathaleya I / we do not always cook a lot or something that lasts forever. If I do something that will take some time or prepare some things then in stages :) since my husband is currently at home for health reasons we share the work I prefer it but he misses the kid and I'll eat it otherwise I can still clean 2 hours kitchen  :)
  • reply - 2: Today there were still homemade burgers it had to be easy :)
  • reply - 3: I just celebrate that it's the food thread that's the very first of all our threads to go into the twelfth round. I would say everything was done correctly  !!!
  • reply - 4: You infected me with childhood memories  
    We did the quark food a little differently, but I know what's on the weekend 
  • reply - 5: Now I'm curious how she gets eaten by you;)
  • reply - 6: Quark dessert does not tell me now, but quark casserole. Do you know that?
    That happened often in my childhood.

  • reply - 7: @magda, my child always eats the tangerines from the cheesecake  

    I just have to tell someone that there is still something healthy in there and the conscience is cleaned up.

    Speaking of conscience. At the childminder Mona eats ALL! And tonight she did not want her noodles with vegetable sauce, having eaten a HALF glass of Silesian cucumbers from a well-known discount store. I think my child is pregnant.

  • reply - 8: I know it this way: creamy and cream quark with milk creamy stir and then fruit. With us there were mostly fresh strawberries, but also dosenmandarinen 
    Now I forgot the vanilla sugar smoothly 
  • reply - 9: Quark Casserole I do not know, how does it work? Is there curd cheese heated?
  • reply - 10: Exactly, that's a sweet casserole with apples and quark as the main ingredient. I'll see if I can find a recipe.
    With custard tastes delicious.

    Just eat ice for the nerves. The man is again dying and dying

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