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Love, pleasure and feelings ...


Hi girls is indeed a very intimate topic but still a post about it would be appropriate times

It is said that either women are as wuschig as Harry or nothing is progressing ...

For me it is funny but not much desire but that I feel like my husband and I'm very close to him is extremely there ..

How are you all doing ?


  • reply - 1: Melly I interpreted that correctly now that you like to cuddle more than having "real" desire?
  • reply - 2: So I'm already more in the mood than before, but the proximity in general is currently very important to me. Could (unfortunately not) cuddle all day with my sweetheart in bed. But it is also due to the fact that currently have little time for us alone.
  • reply - 3: Sini say nothing, my husband is morally busy at the moment, very bad. He does not come home for a single night and since he has a physically demanding job, he is often just completely flat and happy when he can put his feet up. I understand too. But cuddling is possible every day. Thankfully, physical closeness is also very important.
  • reply - 4: I'm currently also very "mumbled" ... But I do not feel like much more ...: - Maybe because I do not work degrees ... So I have the feeling that I always too "dry "And then s makes less fun because you concentrate on yourself and constantly with your head where else ... And so gel or something always blows me full of desire ... Do not know why ... well that's unfortunately since the beginning of pregnancy a tiresome topic!
  • reply - 5: Ne was already related to sex!
    Cuddling is also part of my daily routine: P
    I think you just have to be afraid to look unattractive ..
  • reply - 6: Real? So I'm not afraid that my husband does not find me attractive anymore. He always says that I'm the most beautiful woman for him, no matter how big my stomach is. And he also told me that the belly does not bother him at all during sex. Of course I will not know how that will happen the last few weeks, because you can not do so much anymore because the belly is definitely in the way.

    Unfortunately, I am not one of those women who like to have sex several times a day during pregnancy. Maybe that's just fine in our case, job would be moderately not feasible for both of us and then you may be faster disappointed if you want to constantly and the man is sometimes flat in the evening.

    Already heard of women who really did not want anymore, that I find already very blatant I have to say. Good that I do not belong there. Everything is fine as it is, and the times in which he has to hunch so incredibly much will soon be better again.

  • reply - 7: I'm too tired during the week. Could go to sleep immediately after work every day. This does not really bother my husband, because he always has to work so long. But he is so scared that I gain too much in pregnancy. He said that if that gets too much, then he can be sterilized, so that does not happen again. ;-) Let's see how it develops in the SS, great worries I'm not that he could find me unattractive, especially since he himself is not very slim.
  • reply - 8: So I had a phase in between, because I would have liked to have sex every day :-D that has now "normalized" again.
  • reply - 9: He also says that I am still his darling and the stomach is totally sweet - after all, his stomach is also: P
    I long to feel that and to be so close to him ... But I am afraid to override him ...
  • reply - 10: I probably belong to the cuddling fraction. Today we talked about the "prejudices" about pregnant women (mood swings, funny food cravings, etc.) and that it does not apply to me. Since he was almost disappointed that I'm not so "rollig", as it is written everywhere. ;) But everything is going well and he is satisfied. :)

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