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Hey say you already know if you want to have your baby baptized? If so, do you have such a family tradition whom you have to take? Or do you decide who you want to have as godparents? When do you inform the person?
I'm a bit in the bind. We are expected to take my sister-in-law. But I want to have my best friend as Godl.
I'm looking forward to your answers.
Greetings Ria


  • reply - 1: Hey! Baptized in any case.
    With us it is so that in the family of my friend is very clear that we either "take" one of his or my siblings ... In my family, it is normal that has the most reference to the child.
    I personally want my child to have two godparents and we will take my friend's brother and best friend.
  • reply - 2: Since we have discussed a over it already ... With Leon, it became my brother. We definitely wanted to leave it in the family. When beetle it should have taken over my brother in law (so that everyone comes out ;-)) but is now o.Bekenntnis. Now hama of course a problem ... I definitely do not want him to re-enter just because of the baptism. If it suits him, I'll accept it. Would probably be a scho leaked if ned the kids would be, but ned because i believe ned but because i want to pay nothing ^ ^
    The most obvious would now be that we take my girlfriend because I am at her little godmother (because si the sister-in-law did not shit at that time) currently, but she hardly announces :-( But I have no time to think.
    My brother hamas at the time KH fix said he had the little the first time on the arm
    Ladybird i would take both in your place. So everyone is satisfied :-)
  • reply - 3: So the topic I find sooooo difficult always want imet girlfriend ... But I also want that my child is the only godchild and remains ... And I want the Godfather to take care of the little one too! Vlt we take two vlt only one ... In the short list is Daweil my brother
  • reply - 4: What is important to me in the sponsor (s) is that he / she is a contact person and a support in every situation for my child, both when it comes to beautiful topics and when things are not so nice. And I like the idea to provide my child with both a man and a woman as a companion ...

    Phuuu if three go I have no idea, two is not a problem, I know that.

  • reply - 5: We said, if it's a boy, we'll take my friend's brother and my sister's sister. But since I am not sure if we would get another one, we should also consider whether to take both.
  • reply - 6: we have already talked about it. At first it was convincing that we had the baby baptized, because my friend was not baptized, but that is already through ^^ and now it's getting harder. I would like to take my best friend (which is where there are points that speak against and make me worried), but my family expects that I take my sister ... which I would like to do somehow but I'm totally insecure. unfortunately it is with us that this was always in the family. I am the godparent of my sister's little sister, my godfather is my brother, etc ... difficult. I'll ask if in the hospital if he / she wants to become ...
  • reply - 7: well I do not want two, especially because the two do not know each other. take a look ...
  • reply - 8: I would like to take my sister as godmother (with a girl), with a boy becomes the best friend of my husband, who will also be the namesake;)
  • reply - 9: We think of my cousin, my sister was already my support.
  • reply - 10: Dismantle the post time ....

    Have you already selected someone?

    We know no always ned whom we take because my brother-in-law has leaked and we asked him no ned always if he would come back for it

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