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Do you often suffer from bronchitis?
My son has it every 2 months, that slowly breaks my nerves. I am very sorry if he always has these coughs.


  • reply - 1: Thank God I had bronchitis only once. That was last year in January. Otherwise always only colds with a little cold and cough.
  • reply - 2: Hello berrin! My son also has bronchitis and 2x pneumonia - he is now 19 months old. He has been coughing almost continuously since mid-September this winter. It always goes up and down in waves, but a day without cough we had not since then. Partly he coughs until vomiting, in the worse phases up to 6x daily. Are inhaling again and again, etc. However, Tim has been going to the day care center since the summer, and the doctor has already said that almost all children are permanently ill during the first winter in foreign care. Therefore, I hope that it comes (also) therefore and next winter is not so bad.
    We were now for the first time with a naturopath and will now build his immune system through the gut. Let's see if that helps ...
  • reply - 3: My are 15months old do not go to the Kita.aber we have too many children around it and a big brother of everything from the kita mitschleppt.
  • reply - 4: My little boy has now with 8 months already got his first pneumonia
  • reply - 5: We just had the 5th pneumonia. This time even 2 days stationary, because his saturation was only around the 88-90% :-( But now he is fit again and romps through the area.
  • reply - 6: Unfortunately, we still have the problem. We now have to take cortisone spray because it is bronchial asthma
  • reply - 7: Hello, my little one has a BPD and that's why he has permanent bronchitis, I can understand you so well, that makes me too broken .... he is only coughing and can hardly cough it is corrected only 12 weeks old , The doctors say that will stay the whole winter like this :-( lg
  • reply - 8: our pediatrician thinks it's asthma with him. Now we have to inhale with cortisone. Last year he got RSV vaccine in the winter.
  • reply - 9: Hi, our son combed 7 weeks too early, otherwise he got through everything well, but the lungs !! .. we coughed every few weeks, whistling lungs, have been inhaling for 12 weeks now, sometimes even less. Cortisone and sambultamol, cooking salt, and another medium that just does not fool me. Today we have a referral from Kinderatzt for a lung specialist to study. ,
  • reply - 10: Muppets, we feel the same way. The third bronchitis Max has just - the third since autumn 2014. What did the pulmonologist and how are you?

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