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I was advised the last few weeks to report me on the Internet at various baby page as Hipp z.b.
Can you still advise any sides woman can sign up ??


  • reply - 1: Well, I have registered with the Nestle BabyService and Rossmann babywelt ... Have nice samples and discount books received ... something to read, so worth knowing. I can only recommend :)

    I know that there is something like that at dm, but I have always forgotten!

  • reply - 2: Pampers and Dm Baby bonus. At real there's also a NEN babyclub.

    have bad experiences with it. Unbearable amount of advertising also from other companies, peddler and permanent phone calls.
    took a long time until I was discharged from everything again and still get advertising sent: /

  • reply - 3: Look under recommended posts is this link.

    Although I do not know why he is there and find it rather unfavorable, but there you will find some. :)

  • reply - 4: Thank you :)

    @ Scaryta you can not just sign off again by phone or write?

  • reply - 5: Can you already, but try that first. They tell you then on the phone, that you would be discharged and still get the calls and advertising. On letters they partly do not answer. I suspect, because they pass the address data to call center and stored there differently ...
  • reply - 6: So I am with rossmann, DM, play max, hipp, humana, milupa and so signed up .... so I did the big one ..
    Now I had registered with dm, rossmann and humana again. ...
  • reply - 7: Some years ago, after the birth of my son, Hipp sent you sample glasses and so on. At my daughter three years ago, there was only nocg advertising by mail and email. Same with dm in pregnancy. A few years ago there was a bottle of pregnancy oil, now I got a folder with advertising. So I'll leave more applications in any case ... I can not use even more advertising waste
  • reply - 8: yes - advertising waste, unfortunately. :-(

    milupa hipp dm müller pampers alete beba etc as well as kika lutz ...

    I think partly it is good wg show but you can full gauche zugemüllt.

    from milupa I found the mail newsletter great. hipp gave only a mini baby oil. dm had a bag with little prizes. but nothing really useful.

    But I'm not logged in to everything, just write what I can think of.

    then there are all the brands such as avent mam nuk etc or determines the whole shipping houses - jako-o stork nest minibär baby walt etc

  • reply - 9: So Rosmann babyclub is worth it at the beginning NEN package with relaxation CD and samples for me as well as a discount booklet and a pregnancy book! And two weeks ago came a package with samples for the baby, a book in which you can stick pictures from the first year and a booklet with vouchers for diapers etc! At the birth date there's the next package!
    I'm still logged in to Pampers, Baby One and Nestle
    Telephone number is with most a freiwillige indication - thus omitted

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