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drinking water


hello my daughter 11 months does not want to drink water, tea or juice. I tried all kinds of bottles or spoon but no, she spits out again. She drinks milk in the morning and evening 240ml and between through glass porridge and also milk porridge.I know that the porridge is also water in it but I worry that it is too little liquid to take it that can not last for the whole day Do you have a tip for what I can do ???


  • reply - 1: Hello, as long as your daughter is mentally and physically fit, you do not need to worry. She takes the amount she and her body need. Patience is needed. Offer water or other drinks over and over again. Maybe it works better in the summer as the temperatures rise and you get more thirsty or you sweat more than in winter. Do not get mad, that's not good for you both. It was similar with us: until recently, my daughter either did not drink any water or hardly any water and now she only drinks water! That comes from alone.

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