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6 months left


Hello september parents ...
How are you ???

In 6 months, some have given birth to their baby or will give birth to it ...
I am very excited, but also very curious about the coming time.
Since it's my first pregnancy, I suck everything on my eyes so ..

I wish you a nice day


  • reply - 1: It is amazing that we are already parents in 6 months. I still can not get it right. I'm very excited
  • reply - 2: Hello,

    6 months does not really sound that long anymore, on the other hand, one thinks or I am currently sneaking the time  
    If you just want to chat, you're welcome to use the chats.
    Or, for example, depending on how far you are in milestone 24.SSW cheer.

    I would then close here to the overview.

    best regards
    Zenzi from the mod team

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