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Hello my dears,


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    Hello maybe I can help you buy you do not need the actually you can borrow in the pharmacy you have to after the birth of the planned pediatrician (best to ask before) or FA and then you get a recipe that had done in my big synonymous and will do it again now.



  • reply - 2: Do you think they have it in stock? You actually need it regularly or right?
  • reply - 3: Hello..also, actually, the pharmacies have always something there .. can only report from my experience: got the recipe from my FÄ and it was always valid for 4 weeks .. so had to submit every 4 weeks a prescription in the pharmacy .. had to deposit a deposit of 25 €, I got it again when I left the breast pump again .. you have to buy an accessory set (15-20 €). You can borrow the milk pump without a prescription, but that will be quite expensive in the long run (1 to 1.50 € / day)
  • reply - 4: So I have not paid anything for the accessories and paid no deposit for the breast pump and the recipe I had from the pediatrician so say two recipes and if it does not have a pharmacy there are several with us, we have 4 pieces in the Surroundings.
  • reply - 5: Great topic,
    I already thought about it. I will then try it first in the pharmacies. But if you want to get one, which company could you recommend? At that time I had a hand milk pump with my first daughter and that did not work so well, so I definitely want to have an electric one.

    Love from

  • reply - 6: Huhu,

    since I work in the pharmacy, I think I can just say something ^ ^
    So deposit is different and take most pharmacies. Some take e.g. 50 € also partly depends on the milk pumps, because some cost without any problems over 1000 € if you buy them.
    In stock you can not say flat rate, we have 3 per pharmacy and if they are all in the lending, then the patient has been almost unlucky. Therefore call ahead and make reservations, is not necessarily the wrong. The accessory set you should just order on the first recipe with, then you do not have to pay it, it is not there, you have to buy it, but also there are the prices fluctuate there are accessory sets that cost about 40 €. Everything always depends on what kind of pump it is.

    In spite of everything, I bought my own electric, not because I really want to pump it off, but I just know the stories that the newly-minted fathers are in front of me on Saturdays at 4 pm and that they absolutely need it. Since you can then rarely do something, if you have no more and I have just bought a cheap Ebay, which was indeed a private purchase, but was never used. Anything else I would have found pretty unhygienic and she was ultimately even cheaper than if I had bought them at a purchase price. By the way, Medela Electric Breast Pump Swing including Calma is her name. There are also Handmilchpumpen yes, there are some for under 10 ¬ (http://www.gesundheits-laden.de/bilder/produkte/gross/Milchpumpe-Hand-mit-Auffangbehaelter-aus-Glas.jpg) but with it the least happy, because it is just total work, the vessel mini and in addition half runs over. But also Avent or Medela have hand milk pumps and have arrived at least better for our customers, but they are only for "times" and not for continuous operation. And then the milk bags for freezing (which most of them want because of their durability) are just as important.

  • reply - 7: Hello, I have also bought one (on Ebay, however, new accessories to) and a barely used Philipps Avent Isis. Medela I had borrowed from the pharmacy, but I found the terrible, because the one I had pulled the nipples forever and was otherwise rather uncomfortable for me. I would rather recommend one of Avent or Lansinoh with the silicone pillow. (I do not know if Medela also has such ....) The electrical part can be used in a "used" so easy, just the parts that come in contact with the milk simply get new (Avent and Lansinoh are the hand pumps compatible to the electric ones).
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  • reply - 9: Hello, I have these here and I'm really happy!
    125 euros, I found ok for an electric pump ...

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