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Self-determined pregnancy / care mainly by midwife


My dears, I was in the last pregnancy in the 14th Week ended "only" looked after by a midwife and it was just right for me.
Are there any more mommies that want to do it that way?
I believe that pregnancies are much too medicated instead of allowing women to trust in themselves, their bodies and the baby.
Please do not think that I am therefore irresponsible I just want that I can enjoy my pregnancy without (Vor) SORGE. Anyway, I can go to the doctor at any time if I feel like I need it. ♡


  • reply - 1: I would like to do it like that, but since I am (if I can test positive) again classified as risky, it is too delicate for me.
    At the end of the last SS, I changed the gynecologist, because there were quite a few unsightly things happening. My current doctor is definitely more relaxed and gives me a good feeling, is not so stiffer on readings and statistics.

    However, I was also often at my midwife, had almost the complete SS acupuncture (first because nausea, then because of back pain, then because of water retention and in the end to birth preparation)

  • reply - 2: How nice to read ...
    I will make appointments with the midwife and the gynecologist. Whereby I will do without some things this time at the gynecologist.
    My midwife for a home birth is already
    It is absolutely not irresponsible, eco or hippie ... but just wonderful when you trust your body.
    If my midwife, my gynecologist and myself are satisfied, nothing stands in the way.
  • reply - 3: We also want a home birth   
    Is our third child ...
  • reply - 4: Oh well, I actually wanted to do only the three examinations at the Fa at the last SS and the rest of my Hebi but because of my previous history was too delicate for my midwife.
  • reply - 5: We also wish a home birth ♡
    I lost my star in the 14th week last month, and when I started bleeding I had an ultrasound done. The baby probably died already in the 8th week. Had I already learned it in the 8th I would have this child for six weeks with the knowledge that it is dead under my heart worn because that it is scraped I probably could not bear. No matter why this baby could not live .. I know it will have its reasons. Yes, the loss did and hurts, but I have found so much confidence in me and my body through the natural leaving that I know that no matter what happens I may trust ♡ I'm so thankful that my body has shown me at the right time that our baby and I did not hear it too soon from doctors.
    And yes, that it could happen again is in my head but I know with my husband by my side and a wonderful daughter by the hand I could handle it a second time.

  • reply - 6: But then you go to the heartbeat to the FÄ and then from there to the midwife? Ea gives today enough midwives practice almost the same as a FA.

    It would be too tricky for me only with my prehistory ... But respect if you want to do it the way I think it is right does not matter. If it's the perfect way for you  

    I wanted so much in my daughter's birthplace but unfortunately it was full. Today I'm glad that we were in the hospital they hung in the pool and had to be fetched.

  • reply - 7: A home birth is unfortunately out of the question for me, because I had a circulatory collapse with my big daughter under birth and now too low blood pressure again .... I would, however, like to go to a birth house. Unfortunately, the only one in the area at the other end of the next town and should we have to rush through the traffic, you would drive Ne scarce hour (any construction or accidents etc not included) and that's just too uncertain. Is our second child and there it can also go quite a bit faster than you think (I have just recently seen my best friend) .... So unfortunately I have to go to the hospital but I take my own midwife. That certainly gives
  • reply - 8: Whether home birth or not is yet another very different thing :) Even a birth in the hospital can be self-determined and beautiful that is out of the question! ♡
  • reply - 9: No, I will not look for the heartbeat. If it does not strike it will let me know my body and break off the pregnancy .. I think I have a very good body sensation and, above all, gave me my Linea Negra always the sign that the placenta is created and works :)
  • reply - 10: I find your way very interesting and everyone, no matter what, find his way. Also in pregnancy. I owe the positive course of the birth of my daughter to my midwife and not to the doctors in the hospital (spontaneous breech with breech). My path would again be the middle ground between midwife and the doctor, but I have learned that I can trust myself and my body much more than the testimony of doctors and midwives. For example, I would never again try to make an external turn.My gut feeling screamed at the moment: "No, no, no!" And yet my head had accompanied me to the doctor and there I sat with a real fucking feeling that I was just making a mistake.
    I could imagine a home birth, but unfortunately not my friend. I have to drive to the nearest hospital with maternity ward for an hour and there are no birthplaces in our county ... Let's see, which way we find in this thing for us ...

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