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Wrap-around carrier - tied correctly?


Hello my dears,

Because my baby (6 weeks old) is worn so much and it should not be worn forever in the stretcher, according to my Internet research, I have bought a second-hand sling and bound according to a video on the Internet.
I'm not sure if it's right; Instead of sitting straight (like an I), my daughter looks so crooked (like a S). On the back and buttocks, the cloth sits quite taut and firm, but there is a bit of room on the head so that my daughter can still turn her head. Is this correct?

I took pictures of the seat; It would be nice if you look and give me feedback.

Should I generally use a carrying advice?

Many thanks for your help in advance!

best regards


  • reply - 1: Hello Bliss, I carry my son, 3 months, very much in the sling. I would not know how we should master everyday life without the cloth.
  • reply - 2: Thanks for your tips, so that help is easier to practice. I'm definitely on the ball. Thank you!

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