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Totally desperate for name search


Hey dear ones :-)

I'm slowly real on the bike. Never thought that the name is the worst of the SS.
In a month is already the ET and my friend and I will not agree.

He just wants to "maren" about a different name he does not even talk to himself. That was THE name from the beginning and it will probably stay that way (for him).
Personally, I could also make friends with the name. Especially because of its importance - star of the sea.
Since we live on the coast and really love the sea, in the summer every evening after work, eat an ice cream and watch the sun set on the sea.
Unfortunately, the name is given here soo often. I think without long to think about 10 girls in my age who are called that. And most are, sorry ... dumb. So I connect the name automatically with stupid girls :-D though there are certainly synonymous love marens.

Well, for me, jorina would be more appropriate. But my dear friend does not want to agree: D
But now I remember constantly new names, eg. Emilia, amelie, alexa ... etc. it is really hard.

Oh, we do not know what it will be. But my friend did not even think about a boy's name because he is sure that we will have a girl.

I have jorin or lian there. But now I remembered Mattis too.

I do not know why I'm writing this to you and apologize for the long text. : D maybe you can give me a good advice, which may promise agreement .. or you still have nice names? :-)
Am grateful for any advice, or any kind word, that maybe we can make it to birth yet. :)


  • reply - 1: Somewhere I've read that if the man in the delivery room sees you in labor and with pain, he can no longer refuse you any more desire ... If need be you then there with his other name surprise ... ;)
    But seems really difficult with you ... I did not want to commit myself to a name that is negatively affected for me.
    What about Maren as a second name?
  • reply - 2: Hello,
    Yes, the name is a difficult decision. My husband and I had agreed that he would choose a boy's name and I would choose one for a girl. Of course, the other one had to agree. I had a totally beautiful girl's name (Jana Sophie) my girlfriend came and said that she called her mouse Jana. So the name fell away again. Then again long discussions with my husband because I love American names and he does not. In the end it became a Mia Chantal and he found the name great.

    Most decide the name after birth when they see the baby for the first time.
    I would still, if I were in your position, continue to try to agree on a second name you chose or an alternative (for example, Marleen).

  • reply - 3: Well, then at least I can still hope for that.

    Second names are not our case either, so actually we only wanted one. But I've already thought about it. Maybe I should address that.

    That with the agreement he jingennamen - I girl .. or the other way around .. I have already considered. Already heard, if the child is born on a straight date then he may decide, odd date may decide.
    Unfortunately, you would need synonymous first name, where as you say so, of course, both agree

  • reply - 4: That sounds really bogged down ... But there will certainly be a solution with which you both are satisfied

    I'm glad that my fiancé and me and agree ... would be stupid because we need 2 names


  • reply - 5: We had both made a list and then discussed. I had written many names out of a book. And since it was not clear whether it was a girl or a boy, we talked about it for as long as we did for each one Had sex one.
    Do not give up, maybe he will decide otherwise. How long have you left?
  • reply - 6: To use two names would be great, he would have his Maren, I mean jorina :-D
    No, I would really get involved in something else. but he just wants to maren. And I do not want to give in. Because the name is here so often. And if I tell him that, he just says .. yes Anna too.
    I did not choose Anna as a first name and can not help that I have such a "fashion name". Besides, there are many more marens than annas.

    We already tried that with the list from the book. He should write down 10 girls and 10 boy names and me as well. Names that were on both lists, would then come in the selection. Unfortunately, there was only a jing name where we were "unanimous". But suddenly he did not want that anymore. Oh, bad thing. I keep trying to change his mind

    On 9.2. Is ET .. so not too long.

  • reply - 7: Hello!
    My daughter's name is Maresa. A compound name from Maria and Theresia. The meaning is similar to that of Maren, so I think because both names are derived from Mary and Maria, as far as I know, means "star of the sea".
    Maybe Maresa would be something for you and your husband? Often the name does not exist, as far as I know.

    Keep your fingers crossed that you can agree quickly. It was also very difficult for our second boy.

  • reply - 8: Here's a link

    Have ein.bis looked at times. In Mary is not "star of the sea" as meaning, but from the meaning for Maresa (see link) I would have interpreted it so.
    No matter, the main thing you will find a name, the two like :-).

  • reply - 9: I had suggested him marisa .. he thought it stupid, but he found everything stupid anyway I said.
    I did not know Maresa at first, but sounds great to me. If you've managed to give us the name, I'm really grateful to you: D
    I try today and will report what he thinks of it :-)
  • reply - 10: The meaning is actually only incidental.
    Only she would be the only reason for me to decide for Maren: D

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