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Hello my dears

I am desperate. I have been blowing since the 30th Ssw, which increased over the weeks. In the 36th Ssw (I had already written a contribution here) I got the highest dose of magnesium on tablets. The end of the song was that I had a low blood pressure of 90/60 with a rest pulse of 135. I asked for discontinuation of therapy because I could not stand it for more than 3 days. One finished, but the blows were neither weaker nor stronger during this time. Cervix tight to and cervix 3.2 cm. I was released home.

Now it is like this: I am tomorrow 39. Ssw, findings from gynecologist Muttermund for 2 weeks finger-permeable and soft, cervix would not be measured since then. The blows do not stop and they do not stop. I really have no strength left now. For 9 weeks blow is not normal but not stop. I have extreme pain when walking, run at half the 90 degree angle. Jetut comes the bad thing that I cough after a short cold. I am now completely at the end. Only at the howling at home because everything in the abdomen hurts. We do not talk about sleep at all. My FA has now given me a transfer to the introduction request.

I called in the kh and said how I am and that I have the transfer. My medical record was on hand. They said only that an introduction is not made, even though I have been blowing so long. They wanted to hear nothing more. Just told me that I can come and see if something is going on, but I would be sent home again.
My problem with the thing is: from experience of my first birth, I have an extremely firm cervix, which even at the last time only after 48 hours of blowing has opened by permanent pain. By the way, it was the same hospital ...

What shall I do now? What would you do? On an introduction or is it just a help on MuMu exist? Do I even have the right to do that?

Sry for the long explanation. I hope for your answers


  • reply - 1: hello
    I'm sorry you have to go through this
    The only thing that occurs to me is to drive to another kh or to drink a breeze tail under the supervision of a hebamme.alles good ...
  • reply - 2:

    Do you have a midwife?
    That could have the Schleimpropfen remove. That's what made me then synonymous.So it's faster birth. Then have sex, spicy food ... drink coffee. I had with my 3Kind weeks of labor. But these did not do anything on MUMU.Dann followed by various False alarms to the end. You can do it.

  • reply - 3: Oh man you poor, I would also go to another hospital ...... you're so far what are you still torturing the only thing that is still happening and increase the baby on land ;-)
    I keep my fingers crossed
  • reply - 4: Thank you for the encouragement
    Unfortunately, I have no midwife and sex is out of the question for my husband :(

    I think I'll go there tomorrow. Or tonight if it gets worse. But could there be problems with my cough?

  • reply - 5: No, I think they give you something against the cough ...
  • reply - 6: Pregnant and coughing is cruel. On the other hand, they should do something. They are not likely to initiate, since you are not at the appointment. You would have to grab the trick box. Unfortunately, that you have no midwife .... which could really help you now.
  • reply - 7:
    I think it's up to the doctor if you make them credible how bad you can be already that they initiate
  • reply - 8: I have to contradict. You have to be clear about it .. or the baby is not quite as good in the stomach. But apparently it is already in labor .. Then the doctors assume anyway that it creates the body alone . And their Zipperlein, but then just before birth normal. I have three children born. It will be schon.Eine SS is not just beautiful. And be sure, most of it is close to the birth so.Man wants And finally, that's only marginally ... Introduction hurts a lot. It's artificial labor. No comparison to the normal body's own. I would do without an introduction. Have some patience.
  • reply - 9: Hey I would call in your place the midwife or your doctor and ask if you bring the fruit bubble to burst with me then has opened at my birth only the mother mouth until then was completely closed
    Maybe she can tell you something about how the mother's mouth softens, for example I should drink Himmler-BlattTee by saying that after the fruit-bubble was opened and I could relax I opened it well

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