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I have a clomic cycle this month and I'm curious who goes the same way with me.


  • reply - 1: Hey and good morning , I am today at Zt 1 of our first Clomi cycle ... My cycles have always been a bit of a mess, but our son crept in 2015 without help. We've been hibbling again since July 16, but that's not all. So we help (ovulation ) now something on the jumps.
    At the moment I am optimistic because at least I can do something!

    How far in the cycle are you? Is it your first with Clomi?
    Greetings and I wish very many  !

  • reply - 2: Hello, nice that someone has found that goes the same way (sounds funny to ne  ) 
    I am today 11th and took the tablets from the 2nd to the 7th and on the 8th I had a follicle of 2.2mm and my gyn said, this weekend Jump it. But according to my ovus nothing looks like jumping out and I understand nothing at the moment  
    I'm curious if it works despite no positive ovu.
    Short story: I had a fg in the 22 ssw in October and it does not settle down. But had in between two delays ovulation fertilized, but with the mens gone off again. Now we wanted to help the egg to come sooner so it can nest properly.
  • reply - 3: I am very sorry for your asterisk, I hope your guardian angels will soon send off a little miracle!

    So should it have jumped yesterday / the day before yesterday? Do you have to go back to the Fa, or will you wait now? That's really exciting for you. Because of the ovus, I would not rely on it, your follicle was already a great size!

    I start now on day 5.-9. with the tablets and have for the 17.5 a date for the ultrasound.

  • reply - 4: Yes, I'm curious what's going on. I'm curious if you get side effects from the tablets. I had a hell of a headache on days 1-3 and 4/5 I did not notice.
    I really noticed my follicle that has pulled something to the right and left nothing at all. And so it was, right one and left none. The ovus is really strange, but again I do not have to go to the doctor because it jumps according to the doctor on the weekend. And Wan would be superfluous, because what should he see? In 2 weeks we will see if I can test positive or not :) I am also curious what comes around you :))
  • reply - 5: Ui exciting  
    We will try this cycle again and the next will be our 1st Clomip Cycle. Now I can already read with you what to expect then ... thanks for that  
    ...and good luck !!!
  • reply - 6: Thanks, I can not wait for the time to go around :)
    and I wish you that crumbs come to you this month, without any "help"
  • reply - 7: Ürgs ... side effects? Well then I'm curious ! I keep my fingers crossed  . 

    @Sun Hopefully you do not have to wait until the next cycle ... we'll just solve all a long-term ticket for February!

  • reply - 8: That's nice of you, thanks  
    Whether with or without clomifen ... will be with us all already 
  • reply - 9: Hey dear ones :)

    This is also my 1st Clomizyklus!

    Dec 2016 I dropped off the pill, but then came out that I have damage through the pill ... egg maturation disorder

    Jz I took Clomiphene that I should take from ZT 2-6 and did it that way (no side effects) today I'm at ZT 8.

    Monday at 8:20 am I have follicular control

    I'm totally excited if it works

    In addition, take folic acid since January and I should take Bryophyllum Globuli 3x5 in addition as Clomifene damages the build-up of the mucous membrane and thus unfortunately also the implantation but the Bryophyllum builds up the Gsh again :)

    Keep me up to date

    I feel right on both sides that the ovaries are working

    Would be happy about twins also totaaaaaaal

  • reply - 10: Sooooo I started Clomi now ... I'm tired and my head is blaring ... , If it works, then I can get used to it, with my son that was the first three months so  .

    @ vanni welcome in the small round! Then we are right on the same note, I am today ZT 5. Yes, that had also told me with the multiple births of my FÄ, but she said that we control so how much follicles mature. I think twins are cute, but that would overturn our whole planning * monkey eyes shut *. That starts with the rooms and stops at the car  .

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