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Mums with Handycap (whether physical or mental or ...)


Hello girls,
I have found almost nothing on this topic.
Can not imagine that there are only two;)
So only courage, dare you are not alone!

How did your environment react to your pregnancy?
Do you feel taken seriously in your desire to be considered normal?
Are you looking for help in specific areas?

Hope that something will happen


  • reply - 1: Hello,

    I'm physically quite fit .... had a stroke in 2005 ... you look me nothing, but I'm not fit, unfortunately.

    In 2006, mental problems were identified with me: depression, borderline and a personality disorder

    In 2003 I got my first child, everything was fine ... 2011 my 2nd child, I have to say, everything was fine ... only the third child was not planned, I had that again many problems ... but also get help from family and husband ... otherwise I would not make it ...

    Could not accept the 3rd child, but now I'm happy and can not wait.

  • reply - 2: Hello Püppilotta,
    There you have something through.
    So I would not be able to do it without my sweetheart. Sometimes I'm scared if I'm not doing too much. But a back is not in it. And it's also a wishful child.
    I keep my fingers crossed that it keeps going uphill and you get support from your family.
  • reply - 3: I'm glad to have my family ... alone it would not be so good with me.

    Of course one thinks a lot and almost crashes, but then come the children and the man and bring back to where you already were :)

    What is wrong with you??? It's hard, but you fight .... you keep getting the strength through the kids :)

  • reply - 4: Yes, think and ponder ...
    It's just distracting :)
    Have a Querschnitzlähmung from the first lumbar vertebrae.
    Since 12 years. So had enough time to get used to it;)
    Of course I have my "black" days, without my friends and family I would not be any more ...

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