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Preemies - the first of July babies are on their way


Hello my dears,


  • reply - 1: Nife66
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  • reply - 3: Nife66
  • reply - 4: Oh how nice ... now there is an exchange place for moms like you @ Nife66. :-)

    I'm sorry that your night was so modest. But with all those worries, I probably would not have slept like you did. Hope you have a good day without complications today and your little man is growing diligently and recharging his batteries. I hope you are in a good hospital. :-)

    Greetings to you and thanks again to the mods - especially Tinkerbelli. :-)

  • reply - 5: Dear Nife66,

    all the best for you and your baby!
    I keep my fingers crossed that your sweetheart can stay in your stomach for as long as possible to gain enough strength for the birth and the first few months.

  • reply - 6: The thumbs are firmly pressed for you and your little man !!!
    He should make it a little more comfortable in your stomach and you rest well and try as possible to get rid of any stress from you. Important for the moment only you two :-)
  • reply - 7: I also keep my fingers crossed for you two fingers crossed !!!
    I am confident for you and think and hope that all will be good!
    Alright now and take care! :-)
  • reply - 8: I also press both thumbs that the little man holds out for a while in the stomach. Otherwise, bring many books with you: D will be fine !!!! lg
  • reply - 9: even from me only the best wishes ... I firmly press the thumb that the little prince endures for a long time in mummy's belly and a big and strong boy is ...
  • reply - 10: We think of you too ;-)

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