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Positive thread - funny stories and photos


Hello dear ones, I would like to know, how you make your treasures really nice to laugh!


  • reply - 1: When our dog does nonsense;)
  • reply - 2: Mine loves it when I'm lying on my back and lifting it with both arms in front of me in the air :)
  • reply - 3: If I say "Flash me", or "Where are my mini hands" say and I grab her hands, then she laughs really broken: D
  • reply - 4: If I tickle my nose with my nose or my fingers alternately tap on the lower and upper lip. Finds her totally funny.
    Oh yes, and if I have eg a bun or a braid and with the wobble. Hair is generally interesting: D
  • reply - 5: When we bark like a dog! Is always funny no matter who!
  • reply - 6: when the "raspberry monster" comes ... so blow on naked belly so dolle that the lips on it "flapping" ^ ^
  • reply - 7: If I rauszulieren him the lint between the toes: - D because he is very doll ticklish but out must yes!
  • reply - 8: Our sunshine laughs when you just look at it and talk to it. Of course, doing nonsense is also great!
  • reply - 9: Air kisses to throw and "what must these be for trees" sing

  • reply - 10: Yes, I also love hair !!!!
    especially if I tickle him in the face with it

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