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Placenta on the cervix and a prick in the abdomen


Hello. I was last week at my gynecologist and he has found that my placenta is exactly on the muzzle. It is shortly the second pregnancy my first son is now 5 1/2 months and I'm in the 16 ssw. In any case, I have in the abdomen an extreme stinging as if someone pick something as pure picksen but that's only werend the running , I did not have any bleeding yet. Now I do not know what to do. Shall I go to the kh because my gynecologist has today or rather stay at home. I'm not very good at the matter. Thanks in advance 


  • reply - 1: And I can not relax even really my son hakens me pretty much in the step and have a lot to the ears so sodas could possibly change
  • reply - 2: Dear once more to the doctor.

    Can you get support with your big one?

  • reply - 3: Well, rather less and with a child in the kh is pretty stupid synonymous
  • reply - 4: So my platzenta was up to 25 weeks before the MUMU. She can still walk high with you. From a platzenta praevia is spoken only in a later SSW. A sting or pull is believable normal. Everything is growing.
    But for reassurance, I would then go to the doctor can take your son yet.

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