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Gift ideas (with and by children)


Since I am always totally uncreative in gifts, I just need inspiration again and again. The thread here can always be continued, there are always birthdays / weddings / Christmas etc., where you might want to tinker something with a child   If not desired, just delete  


  • reply - 1: For what do you need a gift? Grandma daddy grandpa that already distinguished n .... and the occasion?
  • reply - 2: I think the topic is great. Soon Father's Day will you give something?
  • reply - 3: Exactly! Can continue to write here on Father's Day :)
  • reply - 4: The grandmothers and grandfathers get picture frames with pictures of the newborn shooting on Mother's and Father's Day
  • reply - 5: The topic was in question / answer post just off Father's Day.

    What kind of ideas do you have what you can do "on behalf of the child"?

  • reply - 6: That's a nice idea
  • reply - 7: Our mothers get a slip-in album for mother's day from coppenrath "our grandchild" where I put pictures in and then in between times always indulge which.
    Our Father Bumper Sticker "Grandma & Grandpa At Work"
    My husband has received a picture of our son so far with a hand and a footprint. Do you know for sure .. with finger color "Love"
  • reply - 8: 2 years ago I made photo collage with "I love (deco heart) dad"
    So one picture per letter or heart. Can not upload photos, otherwise I would have shown you.

  • reply - 9: Oh my, what a German  
    So my little daughter has kept the letters. Oh menno you understand what I mean.
  • reply - 10: Did you already make the prints? I have so far with none of my children which get neat;)

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