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Happy pregnancy despite low HCG?



I've actually been the type to encourage others. However, I now need your knowledge and experiences.

Unfortunately, you can find many posts on the internet that never went out happily, and then they do not even have much courage. Unfortunately, it is often written when something did not go so well and so I find nothing that I can build hope.

So I have a healthy 8 months old baby and we want a sibling.
It had also worked very quickly and I had already tested positive for 5 days before failing the rule.

I then went to a substitute 5 days later (because my gyn was on vacation.) Of course you have not seen anything on the ultrasound because it was too early and she took blood.
Also positive. How should it be otherwise.

One week after this appointment I went to my gyn and she also took blood and ultrasound. Immediately she had doubts. She has seen and measured something like a fruit hole, but she said that could be anything, maybe just a blood vessel. In addition, she scared me with ectopic pregnancy, etc. and I should go to the hospital immediately if I had a stomach ache. I was totally shocked. Had tested only 12 days ago positive and then something like that.

The "theater" went on  I should ask for my values ​​the next day (Tuesday). I also did after a sleepless night. All day long, my lab values ​​were not there. Since I should take blood anyway on Wednesday, I asked her on the spot and also called the agency and asked for my values ​​there.

At the representation the value was Monday 97
My gyn on Monday (one week later) 279
On Wednesday 335

I was really shocked on the phone and wanted to know how it should go now. The sister did not know that either and said my gyn would call me then. So wait again without regrets. Since Monday my week until Thursday was just waiting.

Finally in the afternoon 2 hours after closing the practice my doctor called me and said I should start with a miscarriage, the values ​​have to double and they do not have. I should come Friday to get a briefing in the KH and then there would be the Ausschabung.

Somehow I thought it would come down to it. So I am Friday and have picked up everything. But on the weekend, I came to doubt. Am I right if I give up 14 days after a positive test, just because any values ​​are wrong? The fruit cave, or whatever it was there, was 5 + 0. Actually, I would have been there but 5 + 3 and that was too small everything. But can not one expect enough miscarriage at 3 days from a miscarriage? What if ovulation was later?

So I called my doctor again on Monday after a sad weekend and told the sister that I would not go to the KH and love to wait. And then I asked for another blood sample. But she was a bit snotty in tone and said my gyn would have already explained everything to me. But I insisted on a new blood test. She then said that my gyn calls me back.

After the recall, I was spottless. A new test would be meaningless. So my doctor dismissed me alone with my hope and my faith and stirred up fear and grief. She does not want to take me anymore and left me alone with everything just because I refused a scraping  

So I had no choice. I called another gyn and wanted advice there. The nurse was very friendly and asked me to leave her my number and the Doc would call back as soon as the patient was out of his room. Ten minutes later he called. Listened patiently and then said that if I wanted to do that, I should make an appointment for blood and then we'll have a look and decide what to do next. Of course, I agreed immediately.

So I was there to take blood right Wednesday, a week after the value on my Gyn 335 was displayed.

Thursday I was also allowed to call early and ask how the value was and the Doc was to speak in person.

The HCG value had risen to over 800. Unfortunately, there are 7 days between and so he had not doubled every two days but he rose. The Doc wants to see me Monday and take blood again and make an ultrasound. He said that I am pregnant in any case and the value increases, which is already positive. But where the pregnancy is located, whether in the abdominal cavity or fallopian tubes and yet uterus, we have to look at the ultrasound. At least a glimmer of hope.

And now my question about the whole novel:

Are there mums who also had a low HCG rise and where everything went well?

I do not want to give up hope. 1.5 weeks after my positive test, I was already taken pleasure and scared fear. I have no pain, no bleeding and feel like usual. Only a little tiredness, circulation and a little cravings.

So far, I have never been confronted with HCG. And with my 8 month old baby, the panic was not spread, just because you could not see anything on the ultrasound. I should just come back after 4 weeks.


  • reply - 1: I'm just like you. Computationally, I'm at 6 + 1, according to ultrasound but only at 4 + 4 after last week, nothing could see. But an ectopic pregnancy was ruled out last week. The HCG yesterday was 1359. The progesterone is too low. My doctor sees it all very relaxed. There was probably the ovulation a little later than intended by me and I should on 13.08. come back, there must beat a heart ... bisdahin I should take 3 times a day progestan. The 10 days are going to be hell, but I'm not giving up hope. Because it also means to be good hope! As long as you have no pain, I would not have AS done. Let nature take its course, maybe our two are just late bloomers. The doubling of the HCG is only valid from the 5th or 6th week, I had read somewhere.
  • reply - 2: I'm writing the story now for the umpteenth time. The question unfortunately occurs more often. Everything was pretty difficult for me at the beginning. Ultrasound, blood values, etc. It was first diagnosed with a rapid diagnosis and I came to the Op. There then found that it was not so .... then several investigations over 1.5 weeks in the KH. Result: it is a diaper, nothing develops and HCG does not rise as desired and I should come back to the scraping. I have not done it. After again c.a. One week I am with all the documents to the gynecologist. I expected that you also first HCG measures again. Your reaction: You are not interested in laboratory values ​​and statistics! Nature is not measurable! We'll see what happens! Ultrasound then beat a heart and everything was there where it belonged. The SS was without problems (Only the end was exciting again) my son is 17 months and Kerngesund. If I had listened to the senior doctor in the hospital, there would not be Him.

    You just can not influence it! The body is not a machine, nothing works according to a fixed plan.
    Wait, you're still very early.
    In 2 or 3 weeks everything can look different. Your body will make that decision.

    I advise everyone to wait. As long as the HCG rises and does not fall.

    Doctors are unfortunately always very quick with such decisions, also to make it easier for those affected, no longer burden you. (So not because they are "evil")
    But since my own experience, I always have to think about what would have happened if I had listened to the doctors and how many things went as well as I did .... and then they did not wait.

  • reply - 3: I am very sorry. However, your value is already better than mine levels better ;-) But if you can measure it so always - I'm really uncertain.

    I'm looking forward to the 13th with you. Would you like to write me how it turned out?

    I have to go to the 6th to investigate and hope for something visible.

  • reply - 4: The nature is not measurable - is a really fantastic statement and fortunately you were so brave and did not let you spread. I mean, if you listen to the doctors, you inevitably believe in them. Only later do doubts spread. If I had a surgery appointment earlier, I would not be pregnant anymore. But so I had a weekend to think about it.

    If nothing really develops as it should, why does not my body break off the pregnancy? At every pinch I run to the toilet and I'm scared. But everything is fine.

    I am glad that everything went well with you and that you have such a great doctor. I hope here with me, nature will take a good "end" and we may give our 8 months old son a sibling. Your HCG values ​​you do not remember or? I know, I should not hang up on it but somehow they are worried me. They are in the lower range and do not rise as they should.

    No idea how it was with my son, you never said anything about these values. Well, in two days I know more and I hope for something good. So far the pregnancy runs without any problems. Therefore, I somehow doubt the testimony of my gyn.

  • reply - 5: Of course I will write something here too. Meanwhile, I'm optimistic. Either it stays or we keep trying. The next time with FÄ support in advance. I know that will get pregnant. If, despite everything, it should not stay, I'll check everything through again.
  • reply - 6: When I was pregnant with my son five years ago, I was only at 8 + 0 at the doctor. I did not notice it. There was a heartbeat to see and no one cared about hcg values.
  • reply - 7: I'll go later next time. Because you just save all those spongy statements, guesses and doubt ... You can just see too little to make a clear statement.

    I do not remember my HCG. I just remember that he absolutely did not fit in their scheme and also not as high as it should be, but much less.
    I found it so great that my gynecologist immediately said that you are not interested in these values. It was only interesting for you what you can see yourself in the US. When we finally saw an embryo and heartbeat, according to FA, I was at 7 + x somewhere.
    So I was in the hospital (as that would mean nothing) theoretically at 6 + ×.

    You are at 5+ and 6+. So everything is possible.
    I would definitely in the future until min. wait for the 8th ssw.
    I also read that it took a little longer for some to see something.

  • reply - 8: I could bite myself that I was at the doc so early. Strange only that I already got a mother pass. Well, I'll see it in two days. Unfortunately, time runs like chewing gum but before I get an opinion and then completely confused, I prefer to wait this time, even if it is really difficult.

    According to last period I would be at 7 + 1 today (Saturday). But I can well imagine that the ES was completely different and a week later. I do not even know my cycle, because I took the pill immediately after the pregnancy and only once had my period and then immediately got pregnant again. That's why everything is still in there ... I hope

  • reply - 9: Hello,
    please wait definitely still off and let you push to nothing .. The body is not a machine and my current gynecologist always says she gives nothing to the uniform o. Uneven increase in HCG, which is why they never let him!

    I once read a shocking article (do not remember if in the "mirror" or "focus"), which said that there are many clinics that illegally pay high sums to doctors who send their patients to doctoring or other surgeries to them Send ..
    So per transfer money goes to the doctor. That explains for me why you read again and again that FA her patients almost to scraping, tell them horror stories of infections, etc. if you can not make, etc .. and then really grilling if a patient refuses the OP!

    If that is not the case Ok, then your body will do it on its own, especially in such an early week!

    Take your time, you have this! And above all, everything is still in it, your value is increasing, albeit slowly. As long as he does not fall everything is OK!

    Keep your fingers crossed !!

  • reply - 10: Thanks Blackmonday :)
    I too had thought of something like that but never said it out loud.

    Well, my body and nature have taken it into their own hands and so now given me certainty that unfortunately the little grain in me has found no way to stay with us.

    On Saturday evening I already had a very strange feeling. Sunday morning then bleeding. Not really strong but fresh. So I went to the clinic and there was a very nice senior doctor. He also let me see the screen.

    Originally there should have been a pregnancy, but probably at a very early stage, did not go further. Thus, the uterine lining was already in the degradation and the bleeding began. Even slight stomach ache came to it. Now, I hope everything goes its natural way, and my body manages to get rid of everything, and maybe we can try again later, which we do not yet know. For now, I want to give my body a little rest and hope, I do not have yet to surgery. The anxious weeks were really the worst. But I would have always reproached myself, had I gone too early to the scraping.So I probably never really knew if I would have taken a baby away, which might only take a bit of time.

    That was good. I do not have to blame myself and it also helps me to never really have seen a baby on the ultrasound.

    Had only really hoped that the HCG is not right and there are exceptions. Maybe there are those too ... and I hope the moms, whose value has not risen properly and still have a good pregnancy, will be writing it on the internet so that moms like me can derive hope from it. Hope dies last, so you always say.

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