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professional teeth cleaning - yes or no?


Hey guys

I was at the dentist today he said to me that I can, if I want it, can make a professional teeth cleaning in pregnancy since the increased acid level in the mouth and the increased blood volume can often cause inflammation. I am a bit unsure because I'm a little afraid of it, unfortunately, was not my years of dentist but his son he is very nice and has just wished me everything good and asked how far and what it is but still I am a little unsure

Did any of you ever do that during the SS and I did not have any


  • reply - 1: Hello,

    I even did 2x during pregnancy. First time around the 8th week and then in the 36th. It was great and gave me a really good feeling.

  • reply - 2: Okay yes I'm just insecure that he is 'new' I do not know him his dad has treated me for years since I'm little is somehow funny to have a young secured in front of him but he noticed that I was upset
  • reply - 3: I also got one in the 37th week.
  • reply - 4: I work in a Z-practice and can only recommend it! Good we are good :) Greetings
  • reply - 5: I have this done four times a year, it bleeds a bit more in the SS but otherwise completely undramatic, had no inflammation afterwards.
  • reply - 6: Good morning!
    So generally you should do this once a year and once in addition the scaler removal. So every six months to the dentist. In the vernacular it says so beautifully: every pregnancy costs the mother a tooth!
    The reason is that in the SS has an increased acidity in the mouth and u.a. an increased calcium requirement.
    Calcium is not only good for you but also for the bones and nerves of your child. For this reason, I take over the whole pregnancy already a calcium tablet in addition to the tablet of the normal mom vitamins. I have always in the late year, the teeth cleaning. My dentist told me then, when I was there last week, that maybe even from the statutory health insurance we assumed because I'm pregnant. He also said that I definitely want to continue with the Calcium tablets because, firstly, it does no harm and second, because of the increased need for calcium. He also advised me to come back before the end of the pregnancy. I go every six months anyway. Now I'm going in just under five months - early February, the end of February, I have delivery date.
    Since many women are prone to gingivitis and bleeding gums during pregnancy, you should go to the dentist at least twice in the SSt. Better 3 times. But basically as soon as you have complaints or bleeding gums.
    Have called after my appointment with the dentist directly at my health insurance. And behold, they pay the costs in the SS!

  • reply - 7: Jaaaa in any case !!!! My dentist even gave me professional teeth cleaning during my first pregnancy
    I was lying in a ball in the chair-all right.
    Now I'm pregnant again ... I'll get the cleaning again
  • reply - 8: I did it twice in each pregnancy, the DAK paid 2 times. I let her get pregnant 1 time a year. Find it good.
  • reply - 9: Hey,

    I was in the 5 month for cleaning teeth. I had the feeling that I was more sensitive to pain than usual. I have also bled a lot and then I had a small inflammation on the gums, but after 3/4 days off again by itself.

    I think that taking care of your teeth is very important, whether you are pregnant or not.

    It is with every human
    also different with the sensitivity and the pain.

    Just do not worry so much and go and make your own personal experience for yourself. :)

    I hope your teeth, you and the crumb are fine and wish you a great time! Enjoy your pregnancy to the full!

    ❤️ Lara

  • reply - 10: I'm also a dental assistant and can only recommend to do 2 times in the ss, I'll let me do it too.
    a tip, let it be a ZMF or DH, they have extra training and know what they are
    Do that, you pay money for that too. with us the PZR costs approx. 80 € / 1std

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