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three months of colic


Hello dear moms, when were your babies gone the miles? I'm so sorry for my little one. What helped you well?


  • reply - 1: Does he have problems with it all day or is it worst in the evening?
  • reply - 2: It is very different. Sometimes after the vials you realize that he has stomach ache. But would say in the evening is the worst. He presses and pushes the legs to his stomach and cries. Then do abdominal massage and cycling with the legs fliegergriff he pup then neat then it goes again. He also pushes a lot in the sxhlaf and thus sleeps very restless. Cumin suppository lefax pupsglobulis wind ointment everything we have here. He is now eight weeks old
  • reply - 3: Try sab simplex too! You can also put a few drops in it directly into the bottle
  • reply - 4: Also tried. Lefax helps him better
  • reply - 5: Hello,
    Does the little normal bowel movement? Try the Fennel Cumin tea from Humana. We have a similar ... I have a 10 week old daughter, and since she was 3 weeks old we have problems ... The bigger problem with us is that she is constantly constipated. Often she wakes up because of the bloating and cries bitterly. With us the bathing belly helps into the water and the fliegergriff is her favorite podition. She also gets Espumisan L, and Colief (helps with digestion).
    Sorry about the spelling mistakes ... I am from Romania and live here too. ☺️
  • reply - 6: We tried it with Sabine Simplex and Lefax back then, but unfortunately it did not help. Then we put a teaspoonful of Edelweiss milk powder in the bottle and it got better. Our little one did not have any bowel movements before and after that everything went by itself 
  • reply - 7: How old was your little stool jalves with a lot of pressure even though it is very soft
  • reply - 8: sab simplex helped us after the fourth month, everything was gone. All the best for the kid.
  • reply - 9: look here:

    This website has become my "bible" ;-) All the best

  • reply - 10: In addition to the things already listed here Bigaia, Wear and Windi brought success ...
    Stay relaxed and stay relaxed, it gets better! Promised ;-) Our prince is now in the sixth LM and it is only gaaaanz rare ... In the beginning we have spent the day only with breastfeeding and aviator grip  

    Much power...

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