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Pacifier-yes or no?


Hello my dears,
I read a lot of positives on the internet as well as in journals about the "pacifier" .It's my first baby and I'm always wondering, should I buy some or not, what do you think? Give your child a nucki / try it? If not, why?


  • reply - 1: I offered the pacifier to my daughter again and again, in the beginning she did not really manage it, but after that the pacifier was always a great help to calm her down. I have to say that I could not breastfeed my daughter, many mothers who breastfeed give the breast for reassurance and do not need a pacifier. The pacifier was back at my daughter God sEi thanks no problem, she will be 3 next month and for 4 months or so she does not need a pacifier anymore .. You do it by feel but you can buy yes .. 
  • reply - 2: I always said in the first pregnancy, my child does not get a pacifier. For the first few weeks he did not need one, but then I could not calm him in part and the midwife said I should give him a pacifier.
    He gets the pacifier only to fall asleep or if he can not calm down otherwise.
    For me is not the question pacifier yes or no interesting, but, which pacifier I give and how often?
  • reply - 3: If you buy one, I would take the one without a ring, my son always pulled it out with his fingers until he wagged his hands on the rim. I can recommend the pacifiers from MAM because they have no top and bottom. If you stand still after about a month pacifier, if at all, otherwise the child does not know when to eat something and when just what to reassure
  • reply - 4: My daughter got the pacifier still in the delivery room ..... Since then she takes him too and I'm really happy, because it can be super soothing.
    Since it was a Nuk, she took only these for a long time. Meanwhile, other brands
  • reply - 5: I was against pacifier first, but then we tried it in kh because our daughter screamed so much but she did not want one. In fact, only the chest for reassurance. After nursing she is now sucking on her blanket to fall asleep  
    We did not buy any, got enough gifts.

    What I want to say. To calm down / fall asleep I find pacifier okay. Personally, I find it always terrible if babies / children constantly have a pacifier in the mouth. If they play or run and then constantly this thing in the mouth. After all, it's called "soother".
    But that's just my opinion ;)

  • reply - 6: My girls also had a pacifier. We had Bibi's. Was actually very happy with them. In the beginning, they did not take him. With 2/3 months they then took him. Mainly for reassurance and driving and in the evening to fall asleep. At the age of 4, they gave him to the Easter Bunny.
  • reply - 7: The pacifier was once my rescue. Instead of calming constantly to hang on my chest, the pacifier also did it.

    Have him offered early the pacifier (was no suction confusion). When he started to speak the pacifier use less: you have the pacifier raustun to speak, otherwise I do not understand you.

    just to run around gabs then no more schnulli. But for a very long time to fall asleep;)

    In small steps, we have abgewöhnt him

  • reply - 8: Hello, so I am also for pacifier! Have a good reason! My big (now 16) unfortunately never wanted the pacifier! I tried everything. With Fennelhonig etc. abgesluckt and spat out! Then she started to suck on the thumb! Unfortunately, you can not stop it because he is a constant companion. Believe me, have tried everything! She took him until she was 11 years old! What followed was a long-term orthodontic treatment, because of excessive overbite!
    With my boys I was lucky that they took it and gave it back to their 3rd birthday at the "pacifier fairy" !!! So the Pro for pacifier
  • reply - 9: So I'm also per pacifier, if it is used only to calm. My son just did not want to accept him. Now he is still hanging on to my chest to fall asleep and calm down. He is only 10 months old. Well, in some situations genre, I just had the pacifier instead of my chest. He still does not take a pacifier today: -D no vial, no bite just nothing :-))) so I can not breastfeed although I like it.
  • reply - 10: To calm down I find pacifier ok just not when they walk around with it all day and even with up to 5-6 years! My big one never wanted a pacifier and the pediatrician also advised him against trying to get used to! small I had a pacifier because he was mad in my nipples and all sore was put on by the eternal! Unfortunately I had to breastfeed after about 3 months because of my nipples only blood leaked! Only I was told that I should not let him licked duration He then always got him to calm down and to fall asleep so was the weaning really unproblematic! That happened about 1.5 years! LG

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