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You and your baby: 2 months, 4th week

How your baby is developing

Reading aloud pays off at this age. When your baby hears you read, it develops a good sense of language. If you change your tone of voice and speak higher, lower and lower, then this will certainly arouse the interest of your Wonneproppens. If your child looks elsewhere while reading aloud, or obviously loses interest, try another book or give him a break. Pay attention to the signals your little one gives you. There are an incredible number of great picture books for the little ones. Choose cardboard picture books with clear, friendly colors and simple texts to read aloud. Even books without text are good, then describe to your child what can be seen in the picture. In this aging you do not slavishly stick to age recommendations. Even books for older children can really delight your baby if they have beautiful, clear images.

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We play!

Two awesome game ideas that could make your baby fun this week and encourage its development!

Your life: encounter unwanted advice

Everyone seems to have some good advice for parents: "Should not it wear thicker socks?", "You should start with porridge, as thin as the child is," "If you give him a pacifier, then you'll be Denture broken ". Whether the advice is good or not, it is the mere and constant interference in your very own affairs that can make these sentences so unbearable. The important thing is: Do not take everything you hear at face value. Your self-confidence will otherwise collapse with every scrap of information from friends, relatives and strangers. Do what you think is right. Remember, the advice is certainly well meant. Everyone is attracted to babies - and that's why many comments come from the need to say something at all. Reply with non-binding sentences such as "Thank you for your opinion" or "I'll think about it". The safest bank to deal with unwanted advice from well-meaning grandparents is the reference to an independent authority: "Thank you Mom, I'll ask the pediatrician about it."

Parent tip: pump out milk

"I do not like to be quiet in public, so I always take a bottle with pumped breast milk in such cases." - Tasha
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