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Hello Mom,

Do you sometimes have the impression that you have to feed, wrap, sleep, etc., not so much time to play with the baby? Of course, you can also have a lot of fun while wrapping, but I think that playing with the mouse and doing gymnastics together on the floor is a bit too short on some days in my opinion.

We cuddle in bed in the morning, and then we have maybe half an hour in the morning and afternoon for the playmat. And again in the evening, when the daddy comes home from work.
We'll go to PEKiP twice a week. I always enjoy the hour together.

How are you doing with it?


  • reply - 1: I ask myself that too! My kid now had 2.5 weeks of diarrhea. So I was all day with diapers change, clean / wash clothes, breastfeeding and feeding busy. There was little time to play. And the two Pekip / Krabbel courses had holidays.

    I always play with him for a few minutes. He does not like cuddling. And otherwise, he likes to do himself well behaved. But since somehow a guilty conscience. Can I let him play so much alone, if he likes that?

  • reply - 2: I play and do a lot of gymnastics with Luis. Since I like to leave the house sometimes ;-)
    In addition, he is with me every day for hours at the stable, because I let him caress all the animals, he is carried and sometimes I even ride with him in the towel on my thick ...
    I do not think that winding takes so much time. I have to hurry mega anyway, since he always turns back immediately and I meanwhile wrap him sometimes in the crawl, because he absolutely does not lie down.
    The Krabbelgruppe has still 2 weeks break ... there are always good suggestions, which I also like to take home.
    He does not bother himself so much yet. He demands exclusive attention. So I do strength training with him every now and then (he is the weight), he thinks he is totally funny :-)
  • reply - 3: Hmm ... So in terms of time we have no problem at all, I could easily play 4-5 hours with him. But I think that it is not about the time, but just to deal with each other.

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