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How do you deal with your little ones? ..what are you playing??


  • reply - 1: Amelie is happy to just look around. Either from below on her mobile or we walk through the apartment and I show her everything. On toys (ie teething, Oball, etc.) she still does not react. She likes it better if someone makes nonsense with her :) So make faces and so on
  • reply - 2: Since Paul is not yet attacking, at the moment it's more about looking. He loves it when we chat with each other, otherwise he likes to watch everything very closely. When he sits in his swing, the bobbing animals are really great. In the Maxi Cosi, he admires the green music box frog hanging on the handle forever. And when he's in the sling, he can now often fall asleep after half an hour or more, where in the past it only took a few minutes, because instead he looks with huge eyes at everything around him
    But I'm looking forward to it, if he can actively do something with toys ... have already bought the first toys and rattles, so we can then play together.
  • reply - 3: Kyra loves to fly through the apartment: D. Then she loves to shake her rattle. :)
  • reply - 4: My worm has a great swing from Fischer Price with great music and little fish ... no he does not want ... a super cute seesaw ... no he does not want ... rattle rattle socks everything he finds uninteresting. .. the only thing he likes, with a picture that hangs in the living room, to talk :-(
  • reply - 5: Marvin flies with me in front of the bedroom mirror. Then he stares for a few seconds skeptically and then he laughs broken :))
  • reply - 6: Enya loves it when I tell her something. She is also interested in rattles / her rainbow cuddly bunnies which I hold up to her and she thrashes excitedly and since Sunday also attacks. Also under the game sheet she likes to kick the Dino. And she is also interested in the colorful pram chain with 3 little animals (she loves the horse). Or just look at Mama's arm, not lying, of course, but looking from the shoulder or forward.
    Everything, of course not all at once and only for a short time, because it is so exhausting and then you have to sleep.
  • reply - 7: Emilia is not poisoning either, so there are not many possibilities. Your mobile where you can put it down, she finds boring (I would also find if there are only 3 Plüschis hang - was a gift). Get on the weekend but one at Real (hope they have with my mom too).

    Otherwise, I text them. Pull grimaces sing, dance with her in her arms or in front of her with the arms & upper body & lots of finger play. It is interesting even if Mum does the dishes, then she sits in her baby seat on the table and watches.

  • reply - 8: Our Nea loves her wall tattoo in the living room, light to sit on ajar legs, stand, hop, (if it was her last two things all day.) Explore the area on her stomach and since yesterday her new cathee Kruse music box. She can not do much with her bow. Although she beats against the rattle elephant but I still believe unconsciously :-( she can not grab unfortunately.Wait also sidelong that she is busy from time to time alone something that Mum times longer than 10 Min.etwas can do: -D
  • reply - 9: Fellnäschen, we have a game arc with 3 Plüschis (was also from Real) turn, with only one hangs. Did not want to overwhelm Enya with too much fuss;)

  • reply - 10: Where's that from? My sister-in-law bought it for her child and never used it. Have you already put down more often and Emilia finds it really boring.

    At Real, they now have one of Roba or Rowa where plenty of job opportunities are at the top of the page. We want to get that.

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