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Vacation semester or exams?


Hey you love!

I am pregnant at the 23rd week and the ET is on 20.01.15. Of course exactly in the exam phase! I'm unsure now, I'm doing a leave semester? But I feel so totally fit, means I could attend the lectures ... which brings nothing if I do not write an exam! During an exam, but I also reluctant to give birth :-p would be really stupid if there are the defenses!

I'm in a dead end right now! Is someone similar or does someone have experience there? ?


  • reply - 1: You can never plan that. Am now in the 36th SSW and had thought that I can write my exams but then I am landed at the examination time for a month in the KH, just repeat in the coming semester. If you are on leave for maternity or parental leave you can still write exams. At least I've done a couple of seminars and courses. The tests do not go away;)

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