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Kidney pain and blood clots in early pregnancy


Hallihallo, dear January 2019 Mom!

I'm very fresh here and have first browsed as recommended old posts.
Since my questions were still not quite answered and uncertainty remained, I wanted to ask you directly again:

I am 32 and since December 2017 / January 2018 we "try" it.

Last week Monday, 6.5., I was not feeling well ... it was kind of bad, sad. Thought I'm just k.o. from the busy working day.

On Tuesday, May 8, I had to cry in the morning in front of the mirror for no reason, so I did an SS test: negative.

On Wednesday 9.5., Thursday 10.5., And Friday 11.5. I always had NM or in the evening regular abdominal pain with chest tightening, always about 30 minutes and then it was over again.
So on Saturday, 12.5., I did another SS test: positive !!!

I was really happy and my friend was totally cute! (I came up with something nice.)

Grade before (16.5.18 at 18.30 ca) I was peeing and suddenly I see a reddish brown slime in the toilet.
Panic immediately and then wiped again. Cervical mucus has somehow been completely, very bright reddish and must first see if there's something coming today.

Yesterday and today had quite a kidney pain and yesterday also severe back pain.
Of course I'm a bit scared now that I drank too little and exaggerated myself, for example ...

Who of you had something like that?
Could there be a harmless reason / explanation for it?
I phoned the gynecologist for a first, normal examination date, but have not received a recall yet.
Normally, however, the doctor does not make an ultrasound until the 8th week.

Know me with the SS weeks, etc. not so ...
Last menstrual period was on 5/5/18
Babycenter writes "5. Week, day 7 ". How do I count there?

Nausea problems I have (yet?) At all, only plump and even slightly larger breasts, these abdominal "pain" and no more appetite for sweet, but on fruit.

Looking forward to your replies. ☺️

Best regards,
your Lilly flower


  • reply - 1: hello dear lillyblume201085

    Welcome to us and congratulations to  

    personally, I would always have bleeding cleared up by a doctor. look, we have a thread bleeding in the pregnancy here. there we can share our experiences and stand with tips and advice to the side.

    I copy your text there and close here for the sake of clarity.

    Wishing you all the best.
    your mod team

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