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Maternity wear for tall women ?!


Hey girls!
Surely there are other expectant mothers with a little more body length, right?
I'm 1.85m tall and find nowhere pants. They always look like 7/8 pants: /
Most pants are a maximum of length 34. But use 36/38 per company. Unfortunately, my two favorite manufacturers have no circumstance pants. I've reportedly found long pants in the net, but leg lengths of 82 inches are a joke.
I'm really frustrated. In the last 4 pregnancies I never needed a pair of pants, I always carried my normal clothes on. But had more distance between the children.
Maybe you have another tip!
Is there maybe a shop in Hamburg ??


  • reply - 1: Hello :-) I'm synonymous 1,86m and have the same problem ... I've recently bought a pregnancy pants from Esprit zalando in length 34 ... If you wear it deeper than intended is the up with me long enough in any case. Otherwise, in the last few months it will probably be a lot on dresses with leggings (I always buy the of pieces, very long and nice and flexible on the top, I guess they will fit to the end). Or hopefully it will be a warm summer, so that short pants are enough ;-). I'm looking forward to more answers!
  • reply - 2: Hello Lille,

    we have an extra thread for maternity wear there you can also ask specifically for things for larger women.

    I'll close here then.

    best regards
    Zenzi from the mod team

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