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Eczema push .... Itching makes me crazy ....


Hello dear ones .... I have since few days a neurodermatitis thrust with extreme itching, since I am gynecologist may take no cortisone ointment I try it with baby mask. Unfortunately, it brings nothing and it is getting worse. Who of you can help me or knows an insider tip? I'm forever grateful for any tip or help! 0)


  • reply - 1: Try cream with urea! It always helps me very well.

    I do not understand why you can not take any cortisone ointment, my FA has said right from the beginning, if my eczema comes back strong, then it's okay if I use cortisone cream (so it goes away, so not permanently Fortunately, the atopic dermatitis has come back only slightly and even almost completely disappeared in the second third. As I said I've always used only Urea cream. As far as I know, it is important that the cream against dry skin and keeps it supple, I think baby mask has not much effect.

  • reply - 2: Oh dear! Unfortunately, I have no tip for you but I wish you a speedy recovery! Does not your dermatologist have a tip for you?
    I can feel you with your itching but rudimentary after. Had a few weeks ago 1000 mosquito bites. Since I was only allowed to take combuduron weleda instead of fenistil as usual ... maybe you can take that too?
  • reply - 3: Julchen1987 why could not you take Fenistil? I had recently extra precautionary bought a Tübe, because we had no more and had asked if you can take in the SS the lady in the pharmacy said it was not a problem, (she had looked up again in the PC) .... I did not have to take them either, because then no mosquito bites got lost on my body :) or the two three were bearable: D
  • reply - 4: So when I had neurodermatitis before pregnancy I also took urea cream or took jojoba oil, as an oil or bath supplement. I wish you a speedy recovery. best regards
  • reply - 5: Thank you girls will try my luck
  • reply - 6: @virgin me those in the pharmacy said that fenistil is not safe in the ss and probably only this means of weleda is really harmless. No idea because then did not further nachgwfragt and taken
  • reply - 7: mmhh funny,
    well I did not need it :) but will definitely read the leaflet again

  • reply - 8: MuttiSimone I hope it gets better soon, unfortunately I have no experience with it.

    Have a similar question why I do not want to open a new topic for it now. Hope it's ok if I write it here. I have to wg bed rest Clexane and am apparently allergic. Doctors do not say that bad. Yes probably for them ... I do not sleep for nights ... Have dead pustular bumps with 4 cm in diameter. Of which now 12 pieces. They are hot, thick and itching that it is hard to bear. Fennistill does not help a bit ...

    Now I have 2 days suddenly extremely itchy breasts. It starts from the nipples. Does that know jmd? Do not know if this is new or if it has anything to do with Clexane ... It only gets a little better if I wash the nipples every hour and then cream them. I heard you should not cream it, but I did not sleep all night again and I just do it because of me
    I do not know any other advice .... Does not know whence it comes from? It certainly is not related to growth. First of all, they are not up to scratch in the SS and they are also very tall and like my belly (neither stripes nor belly button outside) is also a little skin in there is still something fits in ... Will be real soon kirre :(

  • reply - 9: Achso and Virgin 87, my doctor also said I can take Fenistil. If you are unsure about anything, there is a great side of the Charite Berlin. Www. Embryotox. It's all about most medications in pregnancy.
  • reply - 10: Hey Ulli1984 I would definitely ask the doctor for me sounds like an allergic reaction know me at something like this unfortunately not. In any case, wish you a speedy recovery LG Simone

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