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HELP - Baby wakes up, sits and can o. Does not want to fall asleep


Hello everybody,

I hope you can help us.

Our short has just celebrated her first birthday and has been going to KITA for a month. There she seems to feel very well.

For about 3 months, the mouse sleeps through and falling asleep has also worked great. If she woke up and could not calm herself, I went into the room, took her out of bed, sang her song, put her down, said good night and left the room. So far without problems.

For about two weeks, the good time is over. When she wakes up at night, she sits down and screams the whole house together. All possibilities (including changing diapers, measuring fever, carry through the room, singing, waiting next to cots and belly scratching, ...) we have exhausted. Without success. If I think, now she is sleeping, the theater starts all over again. Sleep is out of the question, although she is visibly tired.

Let's assume that she has quite a lot to do to process the KITA impressions.

What could we do? Please help us, otherwise we will soon be wandering around like zombies.

By the way: I'll go again ...


  • reply - 1: Hello Nicky ...
    nice, we're not any different ...
    Felix falls asleep without a problem and also sleeps his four five hours in his bed. He usually goes to bed at seven-fifteen. Mostly going on and between one and four going on where it was until now always around one rum, the day before yesterday it was even eleven!
    He does not work out of his bed and lies down there, he clings to me, he is usually in bed when I come in.

    I think they start now and notice that they do not spend as much time with mom as they used to ...

    I'll always take him straight to the big bed. I have to get up at five and work. I have to say that if I take him with me and lie down, he'll fall asleep without any problems. In addition, he still has coughing and come again gezähnchen.

    I really hope it's just a phase and soon over again ... but so I come at least bissschen to sleep.

    I hope I could help you a bit ...

    lg cat

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