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Sports / dancing in pregnancy


Hello my dears,

I am brand new here and introduce ourselves.  

My name is Hanna + Mutzelchen 5. SSW and we are from the beautiful Dresden.

I dance Jazzdance and Cheerdance 2-3 times a week.

Can I continue my sport without hesitation, or should I rather give up jumps and turns?

I'm afraid to lose my Mutzel   

Are you dancing or doing your sport? And how far have you been?

I look forward to your answers   

Greetings Hanna


  • reply - 1: Hello,
    I also dance, but standard and Latin. Am 7th week and continue to dance normally, as long as I'm fine. But I would do without jumps and acrobatics, because the danger of falling is simply too high.
    I hope I could help with that a bit.
  • reply - 2: Hello Mutzelchen,
    I only reduced riding during my first SS, but despite my "quiet" horse, I was a bit too hot (I know, opinions are divided). I am swimming a lot and even started Zumba in the 6th month. Always with heart rate monitor, a bit more relaxed and without jumps etc. So I will continue to do it well if the second SS continues.

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