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When do you pack it and what comes in?


  • reply - 1: homecoming outfit for my dwarf u me

    for the days in the KH
    Mobile phone incl charger
    all documents (muki pass, marriage certificate, registration form, etc.)
    Jogging pants because of weekly flow
    I'll use the net vests v KH that hold really good!
    bind gets ms there anyway
    Nursing Bra
    t-shirts or tops
    leggin u dress
    globulis for wound healing
    Hygiene article (shampoo, shower gel, brush, etc.)
    shower towels (in the KH are too small for me)

    Phew, what are you remembering?

    I'll scold that I have everything together from the 35ssw

  • reply - 2: Well I'll do it after the 35th week and this time I will definitely not pack that much. Last time ne giant bag full and exactly nothing except for the clothes needed for the baby ... but was also in the birth house and then went back home. Since this time is also planned so I will not take much more than the things for the baby, everything else has my midwife anyway ... net panties, templates, diapers ... What to eat and drink must in any case with! And should I have to go to the KH then I am nothing for the time being and then my friend can bring me everything I need, he can do it;)
    And of course by no means forget the Maxi Cosi! ;)
  • reply - 3: I start only from the 35th week! Since my first child was also born only two days after ET and there I packed only on ET!  

    In any case, I pack an extra smaller bag for the baby with the home Go outfit and the photoshoot in the KH and I have to grab the outfit for my big one already!

    Slippers, camera, lots of shirts (I've sweated so much after birth the first time), pajamas ... otherwise there's nothing left for mur!

  • reply - 4: Do you take something to nibble with? If yes, what?

    At larissa, I walked around from half past 4 in the morning to half past 6 and then I was back at the CTG and then in the nursery
    but I could not eat Eig (I was not after)

    but I drunk a coke

  • reply - 5: bananas, muesli bars, chocolate bars, etc. mainly for after to regain strength ... With labor in the minute I could not eat then;)
  • reply - 6: Thanks :-)
  • reply - 7: Sodala now i have already started packing for me u tomorrow for the little u then i look what i need no

    What about you?
    Kati yours is packed anyway oda ???

  • reply - 8: I do not have any. Everything I need I get from my midwife, Maxi Cosi is ready with the things for the baby, a few little things to eat, but if I can not do that is not so bad, last time I was well taken care of. I change my clothes when we start depending on the weather.
  • reply - 9: My suitcase is ready packed. I need to write things that I need now on a piece of paper that hangs on the suitcase. ;-)
    So i hope i will not forget anything :-)
  • reply - 10: But everything fully planned :-) very nice!

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