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What else is to be done?


I just wanted to ask you what else needs to be done before you begin to nip. In the middle of 2016 we want the pill or the nuvarimg (will change now).
Thank you


  • reply - 1: check the vaccination status and the dentist (if you are ss you can not get certain anesthesia)

    And best to take early early folic acid :)

  • reply - 2: get vaccinations (measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, influenza, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, diphtheria = 3 months after the first injection does not get pregnant), check thyroid, check vitamin D and take folic acid.
    Dentist also makes sense, but in an emergency, there are also agents with which to be anesthetized in the SS - do not worry.

  • reply - 3: Hello,

    In any case, you should check the vaccination status before pregnancy because there are diseases that could harm your baby and some can be avoided with a vaccine. Look http://www.mamawissen.de/impfstatus-vor-schwangerschaft-uberprufen/ would be on the dentist once again everything can be checked. Hairdresser appointment ;-) if you have dye or highlights, you should in the first 3 months no highlights or tinting. I completely abstained in the first pregnancy. Folic acid is also important, which you should take from the day you begin practicing.

  • reply - 4: Hey many thanks for your messages. Is it possible to have vitamin D checked by the family doctor?
  • reply - 5: Yes, you can, as well as the vaccine titers (there can be seen against what you still have enough antibodies and against what not), but can cost extra as a hedgehog, but that's usually not that much.

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