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Discomfort / ill in pregnancy


Hello my dears!

I have two questions right away. Has anyone had experience with SEA-BAND? I heard it should help against nausea. It is really bad with me in the morning.  

Had bad cough and last week taken gelomyrtol. You should not take any medication in pregnancy but if you do not know about it yet and if it is at the beginning it will surely not matter what do you think?

Thank you for your answers! lg


  • reply - 1: The Sea-band actually helps. A friend had to fight so badly with nausea and got it so well under control.
    because of the gelomyrthol look at the site embryotox.de. Since it is purely vegetable it should probably have been harmful to me ...
  • reply - 2: I said, in the first 2 weeks is still "all the same". either the child survives it unscathed or at the slightest absurdity the ss is broken off. I would not worry about that ...

    on nausea: ginger with lemon helped me a lot ...

  • reply - 3: Super thank you then I'll buy the same today during the lunch break. I've been awake since half past 5 but it's slow. In my first pregnancy I was never bad. Hope the SEA-BAND helps!
  • reply - 4: Ok, thanks, that calms me down a bit!
  • reply - 5: Nausema helped me a lot back then.
  • reply - 6: You do not have to worry about that. Have taken on my first SS very strong antibiotics when I did not know that I have a belly dweller. The doctor said that so early is an all or nothing principle. My daughter is now 15 years old.
  • reply - 7: I'm curious ... I just got them from the pharmacy. Let `s see if it` s useful!
  • reply - 8: I'm probably going to worry about every little thing 
  • reply - 9: I understand that and it's normal after what happened to you. But this time everything will be fine, I'm sure. And in your case, every FA has understanding, if you often look, if your crumbs are okay.
  • reply - 10: That is very easy to understand! And all who were in a similar situation certainly have full understanding.
    I expect to be constantly thinking too, when the time comes ...
    try to calm down a bit, so you can enjoy the time a little! : - *

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