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Huhu to everyone :)

am yes here started with uncertain question whether ss or not, and lo and behold .... was then at the FA already 10ssw (1.ssw)  Oh yes, it was the same VET: 24.12.2018 ^^ (now corrected to 22.12.2018) :)

meanwhile am I now 16 + 2 ssw and wanted to ask how much you already see a belly or a tummy? :)

Thanks in advance !

ps. : in the picture I think that it is still a bit bloated or ??


  • reply - 1: how funny our ET was also corrected to the 22.12. Solangsam the belly is also globular.Hin and again I feel even the smallest kicks. (is my 3 ss) love greetings
  • reply - 2: First of all, congratulations!
    My dwarf should come on 12.12.
    So many winter babies
    I am now 18 + 1 ssw
  • reply - 3: Can you join me with the 22.12, only 16.12 and now the 22 :-D funny. Am 16 + 5 from today and you can see something, but it resembles more bacon, or I just look fat you know what I mean? But have the feeling that he grows every hour more
  • reply - 4: And no, do not think it looks like a flat stomach, has the shape of a small ball :-)

    And Jamie93, just can not be really jealous of your Schoenen belly be proud of it

  • reply - 5: Thank you ♡ yes, I am very proud, although I can not wait until the little dwarf is there
  • reply - 6: Hi I'm in the 16ssw with my second child / boy 
  • reply - 7: Juhuu girls row me! I'm starting on Thursday in the 18th Ssw with our third Rainbow Baby, we get again a girl have a big one with 27 months and a little one with 17 months and on 15.2.19 our 3rd girl is supposed to come! Since I suffer from syringes (factor 2) and suffering from sciatica, the mouse is picked up again 2 weeks earlier (31.1 or 1.2.) Since I also have to stop wg the syringes and a maximum of only 2 days can be without !! (Thrombosis danger for baby and me are way too big!)

    How are you?
    I suffer from extreme nausea and therefore have lost 5.5kg so far! Increase = 0 !! Unfortunately, nothing helps me and I just try if I have an appetite to eat what I want! I prefer to drink tap water or sometimes a stale (yes, really real) coke!

  • reply - 8: Heyho, dear ones, I'm still a little earlier 11 + 1 with me you can not see that much but already a bit. If I see the other pictures here, I'll probably explode in the next few weeks, I expect triplets , I was not feeling well in the last weeks, could eat, but only crap. For about 3 weeks it is better. I still have 6 kg more on it. My FA said this is normal because it's 3. Since last week I have to vomit from time to time. And I am very bored I have been sick for some weeks and now I have been banned from work. LG
  • reply - 9: Uiii triplets?! Congratulations ❤ So what helped me or still helps lemons limo or stale Coke where just .net is a lot of carbon dioxide in it
  • reply - 10: Yeah, Tomorrow the 14th SSW starts all right top and the stomach grows slowly. I'm curious, it was a spontaneous fertilization because they are supposed to be fitter, hope it all goes well. Meanwhile, I feel better, I can eat normally again and my weight is also a bit slower. Only leg Hb value is too low, now I take an additional iron supplement. The picture is from the 13th SSW. LG

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